big list of animal similes

Big list of animal similes

List of animal similes

Here is a large list of animal similes for reference. Hopefully, it is useful for both learners and English teachers who are looking to create animal simile activities. They are useful for helping ESL learners make their writing and speech more descriptive.

The list of animal similes is in alphabetical order of the adjective the animals represent. Some of the similes have more than one animal, it appears there are regional differences around the world of native English speaking countries. For example, busy as bee is most common in The United Kingdom whereas busy as a beaver is also used in North America.

What is a simile?

A simile is a figure of speech that compares two unlike things directly. They are used to say that something is like something else. For example, if something is very light we may say it is as light as a feather. A feather is of course is a very light object. We use similes to make descriptions more emphatic.

This article only lists animal similes. The physical and character traits of animals are used to describe things in many  English similes. The list may have missed a few similes but it covers the most commonly used English animal similes.

a rabbit in grass eating a flower

List of animal similes

As agile as a monkey

As bald as a badger

As bald as a coot

As big as a whale

As blind as a bat

As bold as a lion

As brave as a lion

As busy as a beaver

As busy as a bee

As clumsy as a bear

As clumsy as an elephant

As crazy as a Loon

As cunning as a fox

As dead as the dodo

As drunk as a skunk

As eager as a beaver

As fast as a gazelle

As fast as a horse

As fast as a jungle cat

As fat as a pig

As fierce as a tiger

As free as a bird

As gentle as a dove

As gentle as a lamb

As graceful as a swan

As heavy as an elephant

As hairy as a gorilla

As happy as a clam

As happy as a lark

As hungry as a Bear

two hornets close up

As hungry as a wolf

As innocent as a lamb

As lame as a duck

As loose as a goose

As mean as a snake

As meek as a lamb

As mischievous as a monkey

As mad as a hornet

As mad as a March hare

As naked as a Jaybird

As noisy as crickets

As playful as a kitten

As poor as a church mouse

As proud as a peacock

As quiet as a mouse

As rare as hen’s teeth

As timid as a mouse

As tiny as an Ant

As sick as a dog

As sick as a parrot

As silly as a goose

As silly as a monkey

As silly as a sheep

As sleepy as a koala

As slippery as an eel

As slow as a snail

As slow as a tortoise

As sly as a fox

As snug as a bug in a rug

As stolid as a cow

a sure-footed goat on a rock

As strong as a bull

As strong as a horse

As strong as an ox

As stubborn as a mule

As sure-footed as a goat

As swift as a hare

As tall as a giraffe

As tenacious as a bulldog

As tender as a chicken

As timid as a rabbit

As tiny as an ant

As weak as a kitten

As wet as a dog’s nose

As wise as an owl

a parrot on a perch
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