desert island writing activity for ESL

Desert island writing activity

Desert island writing handout

In this hypothetical situation, students must choose 5 objects to take to a desert island to help them survive. There are 10 to choose from and after that, they must think of two more additional items.

Once they have chosen the item they must write why they did so and what they will use them for. An example might be – I will take an axe. I will use it to chop down trees to make a shelter or a raft. I will also use it to break open coconuts I find and cut meat.

It’s a good activity to get basic sentence structures grammatically correct. Be sure to give the class any verbs they may require.

To take this writing activity further, get students to write answers to some of the desert island conversation questions. You can simply use them for ideas on how to write a more complex essay.

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