ESL picture description worksheets task 5

10 free picture description worksheets

Printable picture description worksheets

Here are 10 free printable picture description worksheets downloadable in PDF form. The images are a combination of interesting photographs and beautiful surreal/fantasy artwork.

The sheets have been designed as writing tasks but there is no reason why you can’t project the images and get your students to describe them orally.

There is a lot to describe in each picture which is great for students. A short list of suggested vocabulary has also been added to each worksheet to help your class get started.

These activities are great for learning new vocabulary, practicing prepositions of place, and forming grammatically correct sentences.

Preparing your students for describing pictures

First of all, it is a good idea to get your class familiar with different parts of a photograph. Words such as foreground, background, center, in the distance, left, right, top, bottom, and corners are essential for this.

Draw a rectangle on the board with some basic pictures and label these different areas. It is also handy to leave it on the board so they can use it for reference when doing their own picture descriptions.

Hopefully, your students are already quite competent with prepositions of place but if they are not there are some suitable worksheets to practice this here.

Next, check the suggested vocabulary on the worksheets and make sure they know these words. Be sure to add more vocabulary where you see fit.

Finally, do a demonstration and describe a picture yourself for the class to see. This way they know clearly what their objectives are.

Completing the task

Once your students have finished their picture description worksheets it is time to check what they wrote. This is the time to correct and grammar or punctuation errors.

It is also often a good idea to get them to read their descriptions aloud to also get in some speaking and pronunciation practice during the class.

Further related activities

A fun activity to follow up with is the pair work drawing activities which also require describing pictures with the added excitement of listening and drawing.

For more pair work on the topic of prepositions, have a look at the prepositions drawing worksheets.


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