m and n minimal pairs intial sound 1

M and N minimal pairs

M and N minimal pairs

The words featured on this page are minimal pairs in that they differ by one sound. In this case it is the M and N sounds. The difference can be at the start of the words (initial sound), in the middle of the words (medial sound), or at the end of the words (final sound).

There are 4 printables with 32 picture flashcards using minimal pairs M and N words. You can use these to play learning games, for matching activities or just rote pronunciation practice. The cards use the minimal pairs with the initial and final sounds.

How to pronounce the M sound

The M sound is voiced meaning that it comes from your vocal chords, you should feel a vibration or buzzing in your throat. With your mouth closed make the sound flow out through your nose.

How to pronounce the N sound

This is similar to the M sound in that it is also voiced and the sound comes through your nose. This time do not close your mouth when you make the sound. Open your lips and put your tongue on the roof of your mouth making sure that it touches the sides of your teeth..

M and N minimal pairs initial sound

mag - nag mail - nail man - nan map - nap
mat - gnat may - neigh me - knee mead - knead
meal - kneel meat - neat meter - neater mice - nice
might - knight mile - Nile mill - nil mine - nine
mitt - knit moat - note mob - knob moo - new
moon - noon mope - nope motion - notion mow - know
mum - numb mutt - nut mutter - nutter

M and N minimal pairs medial sound

Amending - unending clams - clans combs - cones
dimmer - dinner gamer - gainer gummed - gunned
Grammy - granny scammer - scanner skimmed - skinned
smacked - snacked tumor - tuna

M and N minimal pairs final sound

beam - bean blame - blain boom - boon cam - can
came - cane clam - clan comb - cone deem - dean
dim - din dime - dine dorm - dawn dumb - done
fame - feign foam - phone game - gain gleam - glean
gnome - known gram - gran grim - grin gum - gun
home - hone lime - line mam - man meme - mean
same - sane scam - scan scream - screen shim - shin
sim - sin skim - skin spam - span some - son
team - teen term - tern
Practice sentences

Here are some sentences for practicing the miniml pairs M and N –

The team of teens screamed at the screen.

They are nice mice.

She lives a mile from the Nile.

He got a nail in the mail.

Grin when things are grim.

The meat is neat at the butchers shop.

There is a line on the lime.

Mine are size nine.

Gnomes are known to have naps on maps.

Beans at noon and beams from the moon.

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