25 luck conversation questions

25 luck conversation questions

luck conversation questions

Here are some fun discussion questions about luck, something that most people believe plays a part in our lives.

Before starting this speaking activity be sure that your students are familiar with these terms – superstition, lucky charm, fortune teller, lottery ticket, casino, object, ladder, clover, culture, capture, jar, and expression.

The luck conversation questions are –

Would you say you are a lucky or an unlucky person? Why?

What do you think makes a lucky life? What could happen to make you feel luckier?

Do you have a lucky number? What is it?

What are some superstitions about good and bad luck in your home country?

Do you carry a lucky charm? What kinds of lucky charms do you know of?

Do you know anyone who is very lucky or very unlucky? What happened to them?

Have you ever been to see a fortune teller? How did they read your future?

Do you ever buy lottery tickets? Do you think you will win one day?

What games of chance do you like to play?

Have you ever been to a casino? Did you win or lose money?

What do you think it means to be “born lucky”?

Who do you think is the luckiest person in the world? Why are they so lucky?

Are there any lucky objects in your home? What are they?

What is something very lucky that has happened in your life?

What would you do tomorrow if you knew it was going to be a very lucky day?

Do you think people can make their own luck? How can they do this?

How do you feel about black cats? Would you ever walk under a ladder?

Would you rather have a lot of luck or a lot of money?

What colors do you think are lucky and unlucky?

Have you ever tried to find a four-leaf clover? Did you find one?

Are there any lucky days in your culture? Does it matter what day you get married?

If you could capture luck in a jar, what would it look like?

If you were feeling very unlucky, what would you do that day?

What are some expressions about luck in your country?


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four leaf clover for good luck
Luck idioms and expressions

Once you have completed the luck conversation questions, share these interesting luck idioms with your students.

A person who tells you to “break a leg” before doing something is actually wishing you good luck!

If many lucky things happen to you in a short period of time it is called a lucky streak. This is often used when talking about good luck in gambling. The opposite of this expression is a bad run or a bad trot.

If you are having an unlucky time in your life, you can be said to be down on your luck.

The expression “third time lucky” means that after you fail to achieve something two times, on the third attempt you will be successful.

A person who wins or succeeds at something the first time they try it is said to have beginner’s luck.

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