free printable letter tiles

96 Free printable letter tiles (PDF)

Printable letter tiles

Here are 96 free printable letter tiles for word building activities and games. This is a very versatile resource that can be used for all ages, from young learners to adults. There are many activities that the letters can be used for, you can find some suggested ideas below.

All you need to do is print the PDF pages on paper or cardstock and then cut out the letter tiles. It is a good idea to keep all the letters in an envelope in which they can be packed away easily after they have been used.

Educators who are teaching large groups will want to print out several sets that can be either used individually or in group/team exercises. The letter tiles also have points values which you can use to calculate scores in games.

Ideas for using the printable letter tiles

If you found this page after searching for letter tiles online then you probably already have an activity in mind for them. If not, here are some fun ideas – 

Word race. The teacher or student is to call out a word. Players must race to construct the word with the tile. The first player or team to do this wins a point. This is a great game for reviewing target vocabulary.

Word association. Give students or teams a category or theme and see how many words associated with it that they can create within a set time limit. For example, sport, learners can come up with different names of sports, sports verbs, equipment, places, and so on.

Word snake. In this activity, players use the printable letter tiles to make words that join each other (kind of like Scrabble). The last letter of each word should be the first letter of a new word. See how long your class can make their snakes with the longest snake being the winner. Here is a visual example of a word snake below.

word snake game for printable letter tiles

Rhyming words. Use the letter to teach the concept of rhyming to kids and ESL students. Give them a single word to start with and see how many words that rhyme with it they can create.

There are plenty of rhyming word resources available free here at ESL Vault such as the printable rhyming picture cards.

Crosswords. This is pretty much like Scrabble but without the board. Ask learners to create words that share a letter and are joined together at some point in their spelling. For more advanced learners you can give them a theme for their crossword such as food or transport.

Labeling. Kids can use the letter tiles to label their books with their names by sticking them to the cover. They can label poster projects, or just about anything that you can think of. All they will need is some glue or sticky tape.

Alphabetical order. Young children who are just learning the alphabet can try to put the correct 26 letters in order. Older students can try to make a word for each letter of the alphabet. Note that for this you will need to print an extra set of the letter tiles PDF pages.

Craft word chains. After making small holes in the tiles you can tread the letters onto pieces of string to make hanging words. This is a wonderful activity to complement holidays or seasons where you can create related words and hang them up.

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