free printable rhyming picture cards

40 free printable rhyming picture cards

free printable rhyming picture cards

Here are some more free rhyming cards for vocabulary and pronunciation learning fun. Unlike the previous pages of rhyming cards, these ones have words underneath them which will also serve to help kids learn to read. They can associate the spelling, letter sequencing, and sounds as they match the pairs.

There are 40 words or 20 pairs in these free printable rhyming picture cards, with 8 cards on 5 different PDF pages you can download. You will also find that there are some new rhyming words compared to the earlier posts.

If you want to check out the previous resources that do not have words, only pictures, see the rhyming words for kids, and the pairs of rhyming words.


How to use the free printable rhyming picture cards

Once you have printed and cut out the cards there are a few other things you can do other than simple pair matching or memory games.

You can use the rhyming pairs to teach simple sentences. For example, sentences such as “This is a ring and this is a king”. You can then move one of the cards further away to teach “this is and that is”.

Follow this up by adding colors or any adjectives that you are teaching or that the students already know.

Don’t forget you can always cut the words off the bottoms of the rhyming cards to make matching them a challenge for older and more advanced learners. Some of the pictures can be interpreted in different ways without the words so it can be quite a difficult puzzle to solve.

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