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40 funny alternate animal names game

Alternate animal names game

There have been some funny animal names memes getting around recently and so I decided to make a game with them. This game can be great fun for ESL learners and pretty much all English speakers.

For English learners, some of the vocabulary in the alternate animal names game is a bit advanced. It is suitable for teenagers and adults that have at least an intermediate level of English.

To play the funny animal names game it is quite simple. Firstly, you need to print out the free PDF pages and then cut out all the individual cards. Once this is done the cards should my shuffled or mixed up in some manner. Players are to match the alternate animal names with the correct corresponding picture. There are some further tips below, so be sure to read ahead!

For ESL learners visiting this site, the real names of each of the animals in the pictures have been provided along with a short and simple explanation.

On the first printable above the pictures and funny names correspond with these animals –

1 – Sheep = land cloud. They are white and fluffy just like clouds in the sky!

2 – Giraffe = long horse. Horses with super long legs and necks.

3 – Penguin = tuxedo chicken. The colors around their chests makes them look like they are wearing suits or tuxedos.

4 – Turtle = walking rock.  Because of their hard shells and ability to hide inside them.

Alternate animal names 2

1 – seal = sea dog. They look like dogs and they live in the sea.

2 – Peacock = disco turkey. They have colorful funky feathers with bright colors like a dancefloor.

3 – Killer whale  = panda whale. They are whales that are colored black and white like pandas.

4 – Hippo = water cow. They are fat like cows but live in rivers. Another interesting name for them could be leather submarines.

Further ideas for playing the funny animals names game

Here are a few more ideas for using these funny animal name game cards.

  • You can print several sets and give them to small groups or individual students. This way you can make this game into a race!
  • If your students don’t have full knowledge of all the words used in this activity you can either write the definitions on the board or let them use dictionaries to play the game.
  • See if players can also give the real names of each of the animals in the pictures.
  • Once you have completed the game, see if players can come up with their own versions of alternate names. They should also be able to explain why they chose these names.
Alternate animal names 3

1 – Alpaca = giraffe sheep. They have bodies shaped similar to giraffes and furry hair like sheep.

2 – Piranha = river scissors. These fish have very sharp teeth that can cut like a knife or scissors.

3 – Mountain goat = wizard cow. These fuzzy goats look like men of magic like Gandalf from The Lord of the Rings.

4 – Armadillo = tank rat. They are small and shaped like rats but are armored like tanks

Alternate animal names 4

1 – Ladybug = dice beetle. Ladybugs or ladybirds are beetles that have dots on them like playing dice.

2 – Snake = danger noodle. They are long and slippery like a noodle but can also be very dangerous like the brown snake in the picture.

3 – Walrus = ocean elephant. These sea animals are big and fat and have tusks like elephants.

4 – Rabbit = radar mouse. They look like mice but have huge ears to help them hear well like a radar.

Alternate animal names 5

1 – Hedgehog = arrow rabbit. They are small and cute like rabbits but have sharp needles like arrows on their backs. Needle mouse could be another good name.

2 – Zebra = prison horse. They are like horses but are colored like prison clothing.

3 – Manta ray = sea pancake. They like in the ocean and are flat like pancakes.

4 – Otter = water cat. They look somewhat like cats but like in rivers and seas.

Alternate animal names 6

1 – Lobster = dragon shrimp. They are like huge powerful dragon versions of shrimp or prawns.

2 – Kangaroo = kickboxing rabbit. Kangaroos are like big rabbits that are known for boxing and kicking.

3 – Crab = ocean spider. They look like hard-shelled spiders (another good name) and they live in the ocean.

4 – Elephant = jungle tuba. Many elephants live in the jungle and they make a loud sound like the tuba instrument.

Alternate animal names 7

1 – Seagull = beach chicken. These birds are often found at beaches pecking around in the sand like chickens for food.

2 – Goose = honk monster. These birds make a honking sound that can be quite loud. They also sometimes attack people.

3 – Ferret = limousine rat. The look like rats but are long like limousine cars.

4 – Rhino = leather tank puppy. They are strong as tanks have tough skin like leather and have the body shape of a huge dog.

Alternate animal names 8

1 – Portuguese man o war = jelly mohawk. These jellyfish look like a mohawk haircut that a punk-style person would like.

2 – Octopus = floppy sea spider. While they have 8 legs like a spider and live in the sea, they are also soft and floppy.

3 – Alligator = danger log. These reptiles lay around and often don’t move just like a log. They are also extremely dangerous.

4 – Deer = tree-headed horse. They have bodies like horses with antlers on their heads like tree branches.

Alternate animal names 9

1 – Slug = homeless snail. They are just like snails but don’t have shells to live in. Another name could be a naked snail.

2 – Hairy caterpillar  = runaway moustache. They look like a person’s mustache that has run away from somebody’s face.

3 – Platypus = duck puppy. They are somewhat like small dogs but live in rivers and have a bill for a mouth like ducks.

4 – Sloth = slow motion monkey. Sloths live in trees like monkeys but move very very slowly.

Alternate animal names 10

1 – Ostrich = turbo chicken. Like a huge chicken that can run very quickly.

2 – Racoon = trash panda. They have black and white faces like pandas and are known for going through people’s trash.

3 – Camel = bumpy hot moose. They have bodies like moose, and bumps (humps) on their backs, and live in hot desert areas.

4 – Owl = cat bird. These birds have eyes and faces that look the same as cats.

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