25 countries conversation questions

25 countries conversation questions

Countries conversation questions

Depending on how it is evaluated, there are said to be 195 countries in the world at the time of writing. So many different countries with so much to talk about! Use these countries conversation questions to find out how much students and friends know about countries and what they think of them.

The most difficult terms in this speaking activity include –

foreign, tropical, climate, neighbor, ancient, continent, customs, landmarks, poverty, dishes, and natural disasters.


The countries conversation questions are –


1- Have you ever been to a foreign country? Do you plan on visiting one in the future?

2 – Which country do you think would be very interesting to go to? Why do you think so?

3 – Is there a country that you never want to see? Why don’t you want to go there?

4 – Would you prefer to travel to a hot tropical country or one with a cold climate?

5 – What countries neighbor where you live now? Do these countries get along well?

6 – What are the 5 biggest countries in the world? How many people live in them?

7 – Which country’s language do you think would be the most difficult to learn?

8 – What country do you think has the most nature and animals? Why is this so?

9 – If you wanted to see ancient history, which country would be the best to travel to?

10 – Which continent do you think has the most countries? How many can you name?

11 – What are some dangerous countries for travelers to visit? Why are they dangerous?

12 – Do you know of any interesting customs or body language used in another country?

13 – Which country has the most delicious food? What kinds of dishes is it famous for?

14 – What are 5 famous landmarks around the world that you would love to see in person?

15 – If you needed to live in a country that is very cheap, which would you choose?

16 – What would be the best country to visit for people who like outdoor adventure? Why?

17 – Do you think that one day the world will just be one big country? Why or why not?

18 – Which country is best at your favorite sport? Why is this so and what sport is it?

19 – Do you ever watch foreign movies? Which country’s cinema do you like the most?

20 – What are some countries that suffer from poverty? Why are the people there so poor?

21 – Do you like to eat any kinds of fruit or vegetables that come from other countries?

22 – What makes your home country different from other countries around the world?

23 – Which country do you think has the worst weather? What is the weather like there?

24 – What is a country that has a lot of natural disasters? What disasters happen there?

25 – Which countries have the most interesting flags? What do these flags look like?

Note that the five biggest countries in the world are – Russia, Canada, the United States of America, China, and Brazil. The continent with the most countries is Africa which has a whopping 54.

an ancient temple in the country of Cambodia

Further activities

Here are some resources and ideas you can try once you have completed the countries discussion questions. You could also use them as warm-up activities.

On ESL Vault there are some beautiful world landmarks worksheets that involve matching places with pictures. There are also some world flag worksheets of varying difficulty. You can also try the weather pair work activity that involves speaking about the weather around the world. Finally, there are also some free printable world map worksheets that are very useful for teaching and learning about countries.

Here are a couple more ideas –

  • See if your students or group can name a country that starts with every letter of the alphabet. For example, Australia for A, Belgium for B, and so on. X will be an exception.
  • Play a game where a person must describe a country for others to guess. They cannot say its name, any of its cities, or its location. Instead, they should describe the country’s landscapes, food, people, clothing, etc.
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