25 feelings conversation questions

25 emotions and feelings conversation questions

Feelings conversation questions

Everyone feels different emotions at different times and in various situations. You can use these feelings discussion questions to find out what your students, family, or friends are feeling and what emotions they have experienced.

The feelings words in this speaking activity include – happy, bored, exhausted, tired, stressed, worry, scared, irritated, angry, cheer up, depression, loneliness, surprised, ill, sick, in love, heartbroken, embarrassed, motivated, lazy, exciting, fascinated, passionate, relaxed, and comfortable.

For some more related feelings activities, have a look at the emotions vocabulary worksheets where you will find picture and word-matching printables along with emotions drawing worksheets.

The feelings conversation questions are –


1- How do you feel right now? Why do you think that you feel this way?

2 – What is one of your happiest memories? What kinds of things make you feel happy?

3 – What do you usually do when you are feeling bored? What things do you find boring?

4 – When was the last time you felt totally exhausted? What made you feel so tired?

5 – Do you often feel stressed? What types of things do you worry about?

6 – Do you think all animals have feelings? Do reptiles and insects have feelings?

7 – Have you ever felt very scared? Why were you scared? Were you in danger?

8 – How can you help cheer up a sad person? Have you ever suffered from depression?

9 – What kinds of things make you feel irritated? What do you do when you get angry?

10 – Have you ever had the feeling of loneliness? What did you do about it?

11 – When was the last time that you were surprised? What made you feel surprised?

12 – Have you felt ill or sick recently? Do you go to see a doctor or take medicine?

13 – Do you often talk to your family about your feelings? Who do you talk to the most?

14 – How did you feel yesterday? What different types of emotions did you experience?

15 – Have you ever been in love or felt heartbroken? How long ago was this?

16 – What types of things make people feel embarrassed in your country or culture?

17 – How do you try to get feeling motivated? What do you do when you are feeling lazy?

18 – What was the last exciting thing that you did? Where and who did you do it with?

19 – Do you believe that one day in the future robots will have emotions? Will this be good?

20 – Can you tell how a person is feeling by their body language? Give some examples.

21 – What sort of things make you feel fascinated? What topics are you passionate about?

22 – How do you feel on cold winter days? How do you feel on a hot day in summer?

23 – Would you say that you are able to manage your emotions well? Why or why not?

24 – What do you think are some good ways to learn to control your emotions and feelings?

25 – What do you do to feel relaxed? When did you last feel very relaxed and comfortable?

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Feelings and emotions idioms

Here are some emotions idioms you can introduce, discuss, and try to make example sentences with once you have completed the feelings conversation questions.

If you feel sad you can say you are feeling blue, down in the dumps, or feeling down.

A very happy person can said to be on cloud nine or as happy as a clam, or over the moon.

If you have butterflies in your stomach, you feel nervous.

A sick person can say that they feel under the weather or like death warmed up.

To say that you feel your age is to say that you feel old.

Someone who feels like a sitting duck feels in danger or unprotected.

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