25 conversation questions about saving

25 Conversation questions about saving

Conversation questions about saving

Saving is an interesting word. We can save money, people, animals, plants, along with things like ideas and cultures. This set of discussion questions about saving is not only about money but also other things that can be saved.

For ESL students and English language learners, the most difficult words in this speaking activity include – rewarding, emergency, commute, jar, container, natural environment, witness, appliance, retire, and groceries.


The conversation questions about saving are –


1 – What do the words save and saving mean to you?

2 – Which do find the most rewarding, spending or saving? Why is this so?

3 – How do you try to save money? Where do you put your savings? Are you saving well?

4 – Do you have enough savings for an emergency? What might it be needed for?

5 – How could you change the way that you commute and travel to save money?

6 – Do you save used jars and plastic containers? What can you do with them later?

7 – Have you ever saved an animal from dying? How did you go about doing that?

8 – What kinds of things do you think should be saved in museums and why?

9 – Do you try to save electricity? Why do you try to save it and how do you do it?

10 – What advice would you give to a younger person about saving money?

11 – Is there a piggy bank or money jar in your home? How much would you say is in it?

12 – What are some good ways for a person to save money in the country where you live?

13- How many numbers do you have saved on your phone? Do you ever delete people?

14 – Do you think there is hope for your country to save its natural environment?

15 – Which animal do you think is most important to try to save now in your country?

16 – Where do you save all your important passwords and internet login details?

17 – Have you ever witnessed somebody having their life saved? What happened?

18 – What machines and appliances do you have that save time? What do they do?

19 – How many photographs do you have saved on your mobile phone and computer?

20 – Can you think of 5 jobs in which people save lives? Which is the most important?

21 – How much money will you need to save to retire? When will you retire?

22 – Do you think about saving when you buy groceries? Where is a cheap place to shop?

23 – Is it important to save water in your country? How can people go about this?

24 – What could you do differently to save food? Do you throw away a lot of food?

25 – If your home was on fire, what would be the first 3 things you would try to save?

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