25 conversation questions about gifts

25 Conversation questions about gifts

Conversation questions about gifts

Everybody loves to receive a gift. We also feel happy ourselves when we give presents to others. They are a way to show that we care about people and can be given at any time of year. You can try these discussion questions about gifts for an interesting speaking activity with anyone you like.

For English language learners, the most difficult words on this worksheet include – receive, culture, remember, occasion, effort, wrap, voucher, homemade, shake, squeeze, react, and regret.


The conversation questions about gifts are –


1 – About how many gifts do you receive each year? Do you think it is enough?

2 – What is the best gift that you have ever been given? Who gave it to you and why?

3 – At what time of year do people often give gifts in your country or culture?

4 – When was the last time you bought someone a gift? What did you buy them?

5 – What is a gift that you got as a child that you will always remember?

6 – What’s the worst gift you have ever received? On what occasion was it given to you?

7 – Does your family spend a lot on gifts for birthdays? How about Christmas?

8 – What gift would you love to receive from someone soon? Who from?

9 – What’s the maximum amount of money you would spend on a gift? For whom?

10 – Do you spend much effort wrapping a present when you buy it for someone?

11 – Have you ever been given a voucher for a store? What did you buy with it?

12 – How do you feel about homemade gifts? Are they better than ones bought in a store?

13 – If you had to buy a gift for your mother or father tomorrow, what would you buy?

14 – Do you shake and squeeze wrapped presents to try to guess what they are?

15 – Would you be happy to receive a gift that was secondhand? What would you like?

16 – What is the best time of year to buy gifts that are cheap where you live?

17 – Has anyone ever tricked you with a gift? What kinds of gift tricks can people play?

18 – What kind of wrapping paper would you use for a gift for your best friend?

19 – How would you react if you received a present from a good friend that you didn’t like?

20 – When do you expect to buy someone a gift next? Do you have any plans for it?

21 – Have you ever been given a surprise gift for no reason? What did you get?

22 – Would you prefer a gift of food, flowers, drinks, clothing, or money? Why?

23 – What is something that you would give to a person that you did not like and why?

24 – Have you ever felt regret or sadness after buying someone a gift? What happened?

25 – What would you say is the greatest gift to the world you have made in life?

a surprised man with a Christmas gift
Expression and idioms about gifts

Try introducing these interesting English expressions to your class or group once you have completed discussing the gifts questions. See if members can make correct sentences using them.

If you have the gift of the gab then you are a person who talks a lot, so much so it may be too much!

The expression “Don’t/Never look a gift horse in the mouth” means that you shouldn’t pass up a good chance that is offered to you. Also, don’t refuse a good gift, and don’t judge it badly or be ungrateful when receiving it.

Finally, the idiom “Beware of Greeks bearing gifts” is used to say that you should be careful of an enemy who is being kind to you. This refers to the fabled wooden horse that was given to the city of Troy.

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