video games conversation questions for ESL

25 video games conversation questions

Video games conversation questions

Here is a free pdf handout for ESL classes of video games conversation questions. It is a great topic for teenagers although these days many older students enjoy gaming in some form or another. You may also want to use one of the ESL video games vocabulary worksheets as a warm-up activity.

Challenging words on this handout include – addict, genre, professional, brand, arcade, violent, and virtual reality.

The video games conversation questions are –

How much time do you spend playing video games each week?

What is your favourite video game genre? How many genres do you know?

What different devices do you play video games on?

Do you know anyone who is a video game addict? What games do they play?

What do you think of esports and professional gaming?

Do your parents or grandparents spend any time playing video games?

Which is best for gaming – a pc, a laptop, a phone, tablet, or a games console?

Have you ever been to a video game arcade? What games did you play?

Are video games good or bad for your health? In what ways?

Do you think video games are good for children?

In your opinion what is the best brand of game console?

Should small children be allowed to play violent video games? Why or Why not?

Can you remember the first video game you ever played? What was it?

How have video games changed over the last 25 years?

Have you ever tried a virtual reality game? How was it?

How much money do you spend on gaming?

What kinds of gaming equipment do you own?

If you were to design your own video game what would it be about?

Is video gaming an expensive hobby in your country?

Do you like to play online games? Which ones?

In what ways can video games be educational?

Do you prefer to play video games alone or with other people?

What do you think is the most popular video game right now?

What things does a video game need in order to be a great game or a lot of fun?

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Further Video Game Activity

If your students are really into video games a good suggestion is to get them to design their own game. They can design any type of game they like, just make sure they can explain the game rules and concepts clearly.

This is best done as a writing activity. Once they have completed this ask them to design the cover of the game or draw a screenshot of the gameplay.

For a related speaking activity, check out the computer conversation questions.

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