k and g minimal pairs 1

K and G minimal pairs

K and G minimal pairs

Here are 32 free printable picture and word cards of the K and G minimal pairs in both the initial and final position. They are perfect to be used in children’s speech therapy and pronunciation activities for ESL learners. You can use the cards for rote repetition practice as well as games such as memory and minimal pair matching.

There is a pronunciation guide below as well as K and minimal pairs word lists and fun practice sentences.

K and G minimal pairs pronunciation guide

To make the K sound start by putting the back of your tongue on the roof of your mouth. Push air through your mouth and quickly lower your tongue as you let the air flow past. Doing this more slowly will give you a quieter sound which is often used in the final position of words. Note that the K sound is not voiced which means you do not use your vocal cords.

The G sound is slightly quieter than the K sound and is voiced. Use the same technique as the K sound but this time, make a vibration in your throat as you do it. Again, releasing the air more slowly will result in a quieter sound.

K and G minimal pairs list (initial sound)

cab - gab came - game cane - gain cap - gap
cape - gape card - guard cash - gash cave - gave
clad - glad clam - glam clamour - glamour class - glass
clean - glean clue - glue coast - ghost coat - goat
cob - gob cod - god cold - gold come - gum
con gone coo - goo cord - gored core - gore
cork - gawk cosh - gosh cot - got could - good
course - gorse crab - grab cram - gram cramps - gramps
crane - grain crate - grate craven - graven craze - graze
crease - grease creed - greed creek - Greek crepe - grape
crew grew crime - grime cripes - gripes croup - group
crow - grow crowned - ground crumble - grumble cuff - guff
cull - gull cunning - gunning curd - gird curly - girly
cussed - gust cut - gut Kay gay kale gale
key - ghee kill - gill kilt - guilt krill grill

K and G minimal pairs list (final position)

buck - bug chuck - chug flack - flag frock - frog
hack - hag jock - jog lock - log pick - pig
sack - sag tuck - tug whack - wag

K and G minimal pairs practice sentences

You can use these short but fun sentences to practice the K and G sounds together.

She had a frog on her frock.

Don’t grab the crab!

He likes crepes with grapes.

The glue was a clue.

A goat ate my coat.

There is gold in the cold Greek creek.

Crows grow in the grain near the cranes.

Put the crate next to the grate.

Does a cod have a god?

There is a ghost on the coast.

More minimal pairs

If you look in the pronunciation section of ESL Vault, you will find lots of other similar articles with different minimal pairs.

There you will also find some interesting minimal pairs listening activities for you to download.

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