25 art conversation questions

25 interesting art conversation questions

Art conversation questions

Art comes in many forms and surrounds us all in daily life. The worksheet of art conversation questions helps students to begin talking about this interesting subject.

These questions are suitable for pre-intermediate level learners and above. The most difficult words on this handout that you may need to teach before starting the art discussion include – creative, gallery, equipment, pottery, statue, and sculpture.


The art conversation questions are –


1 – What is art? What are 5 words you would use to describe what art is?

2 – Would you say that you are a creative person? Why or why not?

3 – Have you ever created any artwork? What was it about and how did you make it?

4 – What is your favorite painting in the world? Who painted it?

5 – Which country do you think has the most interesting art? How would you describe it?

6 – What kind of art would you like to be good at? How long would it take you to learn?

7 – Is there an art gallery near where you live? What kinds of art does it have?

8 – Is there any kind of art that you dislike? Why don’t you like it?

9 – Can you draw or paint? What kinds of pictures do you like to make?

10 – What art equipment do you own? How often do you use these things?

11 – What things do you need to make a painting? What do you need to make pottery?

12 – Have you ever tried pottery? What did you make and was it easy to make?

13 – If you could paint a perfect picture tomorrow, what would it be of?

14 – Who is the most famous artist from your home country?

15 – Why do you think that some artists are more successful than others?

16 – What kinds of pictures, sculptures, or statues do you have in your home?

17 – Which artist do you admire the most? Where does this artist come from?

18 – Who is the most artistic person in your family? What kind of art are they good at?

19 – Do students take art classes at school in your country? What happens in classes?

20 – How long do you think it took Leonardo Da Vinci to paint the Mona Lisa?

21 – In what ways was art different in your country two hundred years ago?

22 – What is the oldest piece of art you have ever seen? What did you think of it?

23 – What do you think is the difference between art and craft?

24 – If you could own any piece of artwork in the world, what would you choose to own?

25 – What is the most amount of money you have ever paid for artwork?

Note – The answer to question 20 is that it took Da Vinci 4 years to paint the Mona Lisa. Some sources claim he worked on it and added to it for a period of 16 years.

If you want to get you and your class started with some art, have a look at the free coloring pages here at ESL Vault.

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Art Idioms

Here are some useful art idioms to share with your students once you have finished discussing the art conversation questions.

If somebody says that something you have made or done is a work of art, they are saying that you did an extremely good job.

Something that is state of the art is the newest or latest technology.

To have something down to a fine art means to be very good at it.

To picture something is to think about it very clearly in your mind.

When a person says that someone or something “is no oil painting” they are saying that it is ugly or unattractive.

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