mythical creature worksheet 1

5 free mythical creatures worksheets

Mythical creatures worksheets

Here is a collection of mythical creatures worksheets that feature all sorts of legendary beasts and monsters. They are particularly useful for Halloween and video game related lessons. You can use them as warmers, coolers or homework tasks.

Younger students really enjoy this kind of vocabulary and many kids are familiar with the creatures from playing computer games and watching movies. If students are not familiar with the vocabulary, give them written or verbal descriptions of the creatures. For example, “A cyclops is a giant with only 1 eye”, or “A poltergeist is a ghost that can move objects around a house”.

The answers to the first mythical creatures worksheet above are –

1 Elf, 2 Dwarf, 3 Cyclops, 4 Headless horse, 5 Vampire, 6 Cerberus, 7 Devil, 8 Alien, 9  Zeus, 10 Kraken, 11 Poltergeist, 12 Santa Claus, 13 Banshee, 14 Magic Mirror, 15 Frankenstein, 16 Dragon, 17 Giant, 18 Griffin, 19 Mummy, 20 Genie.

Mythical creatures worksheet 2

This second vocabulary matching worksheet has different mythical creatures than the first one. This way you could use both activities in the same class.

The solution for this worksheet is as follows –

1 Minotaur, 2 Yeti, 3 Leprachaun, 4 Golem, 5 Unicorn, 6 Devil/imp, 7 Medusa, 8 Ghost pirate, 9 Ghost, 10 Mermaid, 11 Pegasus, 12 Wizard, 13 Zombie, 14 Werewolf, 15 Gnome, 16 Chimera, 17 Angel, 18 Troll, 19 Centaur, 10 Fairy.

Easy Mythical Creatures

This is a simple worksheet for younger students that contains only 16 of the most commonly known mythical creatures.

The answers for this handout are –

1 Unicorn, 2 Devil, 3 Zombie, 4 Alien, 5 Vampire, 6 Gnome, 7 Wizard, 8 Ghost, 9 Fairy, 10 Genie, 11 Mummy, 12 Witch, 13 Giant, 14 Dragon, 15 Bigfoot, and 16 Mermaid.

Mythical creatures wordsearch puzzles

These are fun activities for students to do after completing one of the vocabulary matching exercises.

There are 2 word search puzzles below with the same mythical creatures.  The small word search is much easier than the large one.

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