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4 free printable coral reef cutouts

Free printable coral reef cutouts

These templates are perfect for creating underwater scenes. There are pictures of different kinds of coral as well as fish and other ocean animals that live on coral reefs. Other than the coral, the pictures of sea life include a starfish, crab, lobster, squid, jellyfish, eel, seahorse, shrimp, pufferfish, octopus, dolphin, and a walrus.

How to make a diorama with the free printable coral reef cutouts

There are quite a few things you can do with these cutouts. One of the best things to do is to make an underwater diorama.

To make a diorama you will need a cardboard box in which to place your scene. Cut the box so that you have a bottom, a backdrop, and 2 sides (4 sides in all). Before adding the coral reef cutouts, you can decorate the inside of the box with coloured crayons, paint, or by sticking coloured paper to the sides of the box.

Next, print out the sheets of the coral reef templates that you want to use and colour the pictures in. Pencils, crayons, and even acrylic paints work well for this step. Once the coral and animals are coloured in it is time to cut them out.

When cutting out the pictures, leave a small flap at the bottom of each picture that you can use to attach them to the box. Another way to do this is to stick the pictures to some cardboard first. In both cases, it is recommended to use clear sticky tape. This makes more a much more sturdy diorama. Finally, using your creativity, arrange your underwater scene how you feel is best and then stand back and admire!

Other ways to use the free printable coral reef cutouts

Another way to use these PDFs is to make collages. Again you make an underwater scene but this time in 2D on a flat piece of paper. This is much easier than making a diorama and suits younger learners a bit better.

You can also make informational posters and get your students to name each creature they use and write a small piece of information about each one.

The sheets are interesting enough to also just be used for coloring and nothing further.

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