Ocean vocabulary worksheet for ESL teachers and learners

The ocean vocabulary matching worksheet

Ocean vocabulary matching worksheet

An easy fun activity for sea vocabulary. For words that students don’t know you can give them clues. Say or write the word on the board and then describe it. For example – Stingray, it is an animal, it is black, it looks like a bat, it has a long thin tail, etc. For Island, you could say it is a piece of land, it has water all around it, there is a palm tree on it. Use what language is best for your class’s level of English.

The correct answers are as follows – Dolphin, Diver, Sailboat, Stingray, Island, Clownfish, Turtle, Seaweed, Lighthouse, Wave Message in a bottle, Sea Lion, Seashell, Mermaid, Anchor, and Sunset.

A related worksheet of sea animals and plants is the ocean life vocabulary worksheet.

Ocean vocabulary matching worksheet 2

This second handout has silhouettes of ocean objects for students to match. The answers are –

Treasure Chest – Lantern – Telescope – Anchor

Lobster – Oar – Pirate Flag – Octopus

Snorkel – Mask – Shell – Ship

Crab – Map – Boat – Narwhal

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