space vocabulary printable

3 free space vocabulary worksheets

Space vocabulary worksheets

Here are some space vocabulary worksheets for related science and English classes. The first 2 vocabulary matching worksheets are simple enough. Students are to choose the correct words and write them under the pictures.

There are also a couple of space conversation worksheets for discussion classes that go with this activity. Another really fun related activity to do along with this worksheet is to make a Solar System mobile. All the printables required can be found here on ESL Vault!

The answers to the first space worksheet above are  – 1  Shooting Star, 2  Alien, 3 Moon, 4 Star, 5 Meteor, 6 Rocket, 7 Astronaut, 8 Galaxy, 9 Solar System, 10 UFO, 11 Sun, 12 Space Station, 13 Earth, 14 Planet, 15 Satellite, and 16 Space Shuttle.


Space vocabulary printable 2

This second sheet has mostly different vocabulary compared to the first one so choose which suits your class better (or use them both!). This worksheet is a little more difficult that the first one.

The answers here should be –

1 Asteroids, 2 Eclipse, 3 Impact Event, 4 Observatory, 5 Lander, 6 Constellation, 7 Space Telescope (Hubble), 8 Magnetic Fields, 9 Black Hole, 10 Radar, 11 Moon Phases, 12 Nebula, 13 Space Station, 14 Orbit, 15 Rover, and 16 Space Shuttle.

Space Word Search

Here is another fun space vocabulary building activity. This word search uses words found in both the printables above as well as a few new words.

Note that the space words are to be found in all directions including horizontally, vertically, diagonally, and even written backwards.

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