airport vocabulary with pictures worksheet

Airport vocabulary with pictures worksheets

ESL airport vocabulary with pictures

Picture and word matching worksheets about travel terminology and things found at the airport. These handouts are useful for classes related to transport and travel. For a closely related discussion activity try the flying conversation questions.

You may want to explain to your students that the verbs take off and check in are used. The corresponding nouns should be spelt takeoff or take-off and check-in. A flight attendant also has quite a few synonyms such as flight steward or stewardess, flight host or hostess, cabin crew, or cabin attendant.

The answers for the first activity above should be –

Luggage – Check In – Take Off – Metal Detector

Window Seat – Scales – Passport and ID – Information Desk

Bag Scanner – Flight attendant – Land – Checked Bag

Seatbelt – Runway – Boarding and Luggage Trolley


Airport vocabulary worksheet 2

This activity compliments the first worksheet and has different vocabulary so you can use both of them in the same class.

The answers are –

Waiting Room – Flight Time – Shuttle Bus – Passenger

International Flight – Airport Taxi – Boarding Pass – Night Flight

Control Tower – Charger – Piloy – Window and Shutter

Terminal – Parking – Baggage Loading – In-Flight Meal

At the airport worksheet

Another worksheet with mostly different airport words. The solution is –

Currency Exchange – Hangar – Pilot – No Smoking

Ramp – Land and Take-Off – Waiting Lounge – Seat

Circling – Turbine – Restroom – Baggage Scan

Escalator – Airport Bus – Cockpit – Arrivals and Departures

Further airport activities

A good way to get your class to use these new words is through role plays. In pairs or small groups get your students to design a short conversation that they can act out in front of the class. Here are some suggestions for scenarios they can go through –

A passenger walking through a metal detector with many metallic items and a concerned security guard.

A person or people with baggage over the allowed weight limit and the check in attendant trying to get them to reduce luggage.

A rude person who is unhappy with their in-flight meal and an air steward dealing with the problem.

A person who is terrified of flying and an air hostess trying to calm them down.

A person trying to carry prohibited items through the airport and security guards trying to stop them.

A person in a control tower telling a pilot not to land because of danger. The pilot is running out of fuel.

A person who is late for a flight and not allowed to board the plane talking to airport staff who try to resolve the situation.

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