paper turtle craft for kids

8 Free paper turtle craft activities (PDF)

Paper turtle craft activities for kids

Here are some free fun paper turtle craft activities that take not much effort at all. It is simply a matter of printing these pages out and having scissors glue and sticky tape on hand.

There are cut and glue turtles, paper turtle puzzles, turtle outline templates, and more. You will find these free resources useful for any ocean or nature-related classes as well as for all turtle lovers!

The first free printable above requires learners to cut out shapes and put a cute turtle holding a starfish together. This is best glued to a separate piece of paper. Below there is an answer key or guide should you wish to follow it.

Next, we have a paper craft turtle project that needs to be colored in. It is quite simple so no answer key or guide has been provided. It is just a matter of cutting out the pieces and joining them together.

The limbs of the turtle can be attached in any position. It is recommended to use either sticky tape or a stapler to do this as that will keep it together much better than glue.

Here is a simple children’s cut-and-glue project of a smiling turtle. The outline for the shapes has been provided to make it easier but for older kids you may not need it.

The shapes are challenging for younger learners to cut out so for little kids you may need to offer some help. Scissors, glue, and a separate piece of paper (or the outline printed out) are all you need.

Next, is a kind of paper turtle puzzle. This can be used for both kids and teens depending if you provide the answer key or not which makes it much easier than without.

You can provide the handout without the key and see if learners can make a turtle shape. Or give them the answer key to follow as an instructional activity.

It can also be used to teach colors, write on the board, or dictate what colors the shapes should be colored in.

Below are some printable turtle templates. There are many creative ways in which they can be used. Here are some ideas – 

Stencils. You can trace these turtle shapes onto pretty much anything that you want to be turtled (or is it turtlised?).

Coloring. For younger kids, they are a simple coloring project where they only need to stay within the outline.

Drawing. Children can try to sketch in the details of the turtles, their shells, face, and scaly skin.

Mobiles. Create a hanging turtle mobile by attaching a piece of string. They look even better when you have two outlines colored in and stuck together back to back!

Finally, we have some printable paper turtle craft puzzles. The first one is very easy for preschool level with only 8 pieces to be assembled. The second is somewhat harder with a detailed photograph of a sea turtle swimming at a reef and has 16 pieces.

You can either let children cut out the pieces themselves for scissor work practice or do it beforehand if you need a quicker activity. Once this is done the puzzles can be put together by hand or stuck to a separate piece of paper with glue to create something that lasts longer.

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