snail and frog picture mix up puzzle printable

7 free picture mix up puzzle printables

Picture mix up puzzle printables

These jumbled picture puzzles are a hit in children’s classes. Kids love being able to complete them and seeing what the final pictures actually look like! The puzzles are good thinking practice for their minds and using scissors and glue is great for growing their motor skills.

Most of the puzzles here are 16 pieces, with the pirate puzzle being a little harder at 20 pieces to assemble. There are also some black and white worksheets if you want to involve coloring as well in your picture activity.

So far there are 7 puzzles with pictures of a snail and frog, jungle birds, Insects, woodland animals, an underwater animal scene, and a farm animal drawing.

How to use the picture mix up puzzle printables

The activities are very simple, you just need to print out 1 worksheet for each student, arm them with a pair of scissors and let them go! You could of course also let your class do these exercises in pairs or small groups.

You may want to stick the assembled puzzles to a seperate pice of paper or card. In this case you will also need glue and what ever you intend to stick them on.

Once a student has completed a puzzle you can get them to write a short description of the scene to practice writing. You can also ask questions about the completed picture to elicit speaking responses.

Further activities

You can also get your class to make their own mixed-up picture puzzles. Bring some suitable pictures to class and give one to each student.

Ask the students to turn the pictures over and draw a grid on the back. Once they have a grid of however many squares or rectangles you’ve decided on they can cut them out and reassemble them. This works best if you have a few different kinds of pictures so that they can swap with each other and assemble a picture they haven’t yet seen.

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