25 police conversation questions for ESL

25 police conversation questions

Police conversation questions

A free printable discussion worksheet about the police. Difficult terms to pre-teach before conducting this speaking activity include – police force, situation, confront, solve, fine (noun), task, interrogate, patrol, burglar, car chase, and directions.


The police conversation questions are –


1 – How many police officers do you think there are in your town or city? Is it enough?

2 – Do you have any friends or family that work in the police force?

3 – How many different kinds of police are there in your country? What are they?

4 – Have you ever been to a police station? Why did you go there?

5 – Have you ever had to call the police? Why did you call them?

6 – What are some dangerous situations that police are confronted with?

7 – Do police in your country carry guns? Do you think they should?

8 – Would you like to work in the police force? In what area would like to work?

9 – What skills does a detective need to be good at solving crimes?

10 – Are there many traffic police in your country? What are the usual fines?

11 – What do you think is the worst task that police have to do?

12 – How would you interrogate criminals to get the truth from them?

13 – What countries do you think have the best and worst police?

14 – How would your country be different if there were no police at all?

15 – What things do police usually carry when they are on patrol?

16 – What is the number to call for police in your country?

17 – Have you ever been stopped by the police? For what reason were you stopped?

18 – What kind of training does a person need to do to join the police?

19 – Have you ever seen a lot of police in one place? Why were they there?

20 – What would you do if you saw a burglar in your house?

21 – How would you react if a police officer told you to stop and put your hands up?

22 – What do you think about high-speed car chases? Should they be allowed?

23 – Do police in your country use horses or other animals for their work?

24 – If you could change one thing about the police, what would it be?

25 – Have you ever asked a police officer for directions?

police officers having a coffee break
Police idioms

A person who constantly corrects other people’s grammar and punctuation mistakes to the point it is irritating can be referred to as grammar police.

A police officer who is on duty can be said to be on the beat.

A person who is hiding from the police is said to be on the run.

A slang term for police is a cop. likewise, a police station is a cop-shop.

Some people call hired security guards that are usually unarmed rent-a-cops.

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