printable paper food craft cut out activity

Printable paper food craft – a fun kids activity

Printable paper food craft — a children’s dinner activity

Here is a useful activity for children and younger learners. They get to cut, colour and assemble their favourite foods and afterwards talk about them.

First of all, make sure the kids are familiar with the food words which are – pizza, chicken, milk, apple watermelon, broccoli, fish strawberry, salad, juice, chips (french fries), hamburger, meat (beef), rice and cheese. Teach any new words before starting the dinner craft activity.

Next, hand out the printable paper food craft worksheet and instruct the students to colour the foods they like. While they are colouring it is a good time to circulate around the class and get students to speak. Ask questions such as “What is this?”, Do you like cheese?” or “What colour is broccoli?”. It all depends on your class’s ability and you can choose the most suitable questions or speech to revise.

Once the food colouring is complete hand out the dinner craft plate which kids can also decorate. A few tips on this – firstly, it is recommended that you give out the scissors last. It is much easier for students to colour the objects on a full sheet of paper. Secondly, set a time limit for decorating the food and plate otherwise some students may agonize over every stroke of crayon and not get much done.

Now that we have all the pieces it is time to stick the foods onto the plate, glue sticky tap or even a stapler will work here. Finally, students can present their dinner craft project to the class. You choose the relevant language here. It might be “For dinner, I like to eat …..”,  “Last night I ate… ” or simply “I like…..”. It all depends on your student’ level of English, age and what you are studying.

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