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72 free printable shape matching game cards

Printable shapes matching game

This is a great activity for kindergarten or young ESL learners to practice shape recognition and learn the names of basic 2D shapes. These shape matching game printables can also help teach the vocabulary of the different shape objects that are featured on the free PDF sheets.

There are 5 shape objects for 12 different shapes. The shapes are circle, rhombus/diamond, semicircle, triangle, pentagon, crescent, square, oval, octagon, ellipse, trapezoid, and rectangle.

How to use the printable shape matching game cards

First of all, print out the PDF sheets and cut out the objects (color or black and white are both fine). Then shuffle the cards and give a set to a small group or individual children. Note that the shape cards are bigger than the object cards. Once your students have a set you can –

  • Make it a race to see who can arrange the cards correctly in the fastest time.
  • See if your students can name all of the objects verbally or how many of them they can spell.
  • Say where each object can be found or what they are made of.
  • Make a treasure hunt in your classroom by hiding the shapes objects around the room and see who can find the most.
  • See if your class can think of other objects for each of the shapes.

These are just a few ideas, no doubt you can think of your own adaptations and uses for these resources!

Shape matching game objects 1

The first sheet below has these shapes and objects –

Rhombus/Diamond –  kite, jewel, seal, spinning top, and earrings.

Pentagon – birdhouse, house, tent, cupcake, and circus (tent).

Oval – egg, candy, pineapple, kiwi fruit, and turtle.

Trapezoid – pot plant, handbag, lamp, skirt, and padlock.

Shape matching game printable 2

The second printable below has these shapes and corresponding objects –

Semicircle – umbrella, boat, mushroom, watermelon, and jellyfish.

Crescent – banana, moon, chilli, sausage, and orange slice.

Octagon – stop sign, jewel, spider web, sunglasses, and clock.

Rectangle – chocolate bar, door, aquarium, notebook, and apartment building.

Free printable shape matching game objects 3

The final sheet below has these shapes and objects –

Circle – sun, donut, beach ball, button, and orange.

Triangle – ship, ice cream, watermelon, witch’s hat, and party hat.

Square – present, chessboard, television, cookie, and clock.

Ellipse – balloon, avocado, ladybird, mirror, and bread.

Note that the ellipse and oval objects are very similar. If you think using both may be too challenging for your students, just omit one of the shapes and their objects.

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