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24 free printable PDF insects flashcards

Insects flashcards

Here are some printable PDF insects flashcards for teaching animals, nature, or science. You can use them rote language learning or to play language games.

Note that all the animals are not strictly insects. Spiders and scorpions are technically arachnids. They are commonly called bugs so they have been included in the flashcards set.

For some related activities, check out the insects vocabulary matching worksheets, the insects conversation questions, and there is even an insects crossword.

Ideas for using the insects flashcards

Besides your favourite flashcards games, here are a few more ideas for using this teaching resource.

  1. Comparisons and superlatives – Get students to compare the insects. By comparing 2 or more cards students can say which is faster/fastest, bigger/biggest etc. Students can also arrange several cards in order of size, speed, or other factors.
  2. Groups – Get the class to put the cards into groups of things like – insects that can fly, you see in a house, are dangerous and so on.
  3. Syllables – Ask students how many syllables each insect word has. They can also arrange them into groups accordingly.
  4. General speaking – You can use the cards to elicit responses by asking questions about the insects such as – Where does it live? What does it eat? Which is your favourite? What colors are they? Have you ever seen one? etc.
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