tongue twisters with c

32 funny tongue twisters with C

Tongue twisters with C

Here are some more fun tongue twisters for pronunciation practice and general class laughter. These silly sentences and phrases focus on the letter C. See how quickly your students can say them 3 times in a row without making mistakes. Some of them are very challenging while others are a little easier.

You can find many more letter and sound-centered tongue twisters here at ESL Vault, simply use the search bar or check out the pronunciation section.

A fun class activity to do after reading these tongue twisters is to get students to make their own about their classmates. All they need to do is use words that have the same letter as the first letter of another student’s first name. This always brings a lot of amusement and entertainment when they are finished and read aloud.

The tongue twisters with C are –


1 – Cooked crabs can’t crawl.


2 – Clean clams crammed in clean cans.


3 – How can a clam cram in a clean cream can?


4 – Crafty cunning crocodiles catching cows in clay creeks.


5 – Calvin cultivates cute camels in Cairo and cuddly cows in Croatia.


6 – Coop up the cook!


7 – A cup of proper coffee in a copper coffee cup.


8 – Carl crunches on crispy crackers because the crispy crackers are crusty and crackle.


9 – Celibate celebrant, celibate celebrant, celibate celebrant.


10 – If you must cross a course cross cow across a crowded cow crossing, cross the cross coarse cow across the crowded cow crossing carefully.


11 – If colored caterpillars could change their colors constantly, could they keep their colored coat colored properly?


12 – A cupcake cook in a cupcake cook’s cap cooks cupcakes.


13 – Cuthbert’s cufflinks.


14 – Comfortable Canadian catfish in a cool cloudy climate.


15 – Clip, clop, clap. Clip, clop, clap. Clip, clop, clap.


16 – Ape Cakes, Grape Cakes.

a colorful caterpillar

Tongue twisters with C continued

17 – Catch a can canner canning a can as he does the cancan, and you’ve caught a can-canning can-canning can canner!


18 – How many cans can a canner can, if a canner can can cans?
A canner can can as many cans as a canner can If a canner can cans.


19 – How many cookies could a good cook cook If a good cook could cook cookies?
A good cook could cook as many cookies as a good cook who could cook cookies.


20 – The cat crept into the crypt, coughed, and crept out.


21 – Cuthbert’s custard’s cold.


22 – Claudia carefully cooks creamy crabs for classy customers.


23 – Crisp crust crackles.


24 – Cross crossings cautiously.


25 – Crazy cats climbing costly colored curtains.


26 – Chocolate chip cookies in a copper coffee cup.


27 – How much caramel can a canny clown cram in a camel if a canny

clown can cram caramel in a camel?


28 – Curtis confessed he craved cake, and Collin complained about clothes.


29 – Certified certificates from certified certificate certifiers.


30 – Clucking chickens carried across a chilly creek crossing.


31 – How many cans can a cannibal nibble if a cannibal can nibble cans?


32 – Crash Quiche Course.

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