25 colors conversation questions

25 fun colors conversation questions

Colors conversation questions

Colors surround us and influence our moods, emotions, how we perceive things, and the decisions we make. Colors make for a fantastic conversation topic as we all have many thoughts about them.

These colors discussion questions are best suited to teenagers and adults. They can be used for pre-intermediate level learners and above. The most challenging terms in this activity include – nature, culture, national, colorblind, attractive, dye, indicate, and contact lenses.

The colors conversation questions are –

What is the most popular color in your country? What color are most houses?

Do you have a favourite color? What colors are most of your clothing?

What are 5 things that are blue in nature? What are 5 things that are red in nature?

Can you name the seven colors of a rainbow? What are they?

Which cultures in the world do you think are very colorful? Why do you think so?

Is there a color that you really don’t like? Have you ever worn this color?

What colors are on the national flag of your country? Do the colors have meanings?

Do you enjoy painting or drawing with colors? Do you like doing coloring pages?

Have you ever met someone who was color blind? What colors couldn’t they see?

Do you ever think about colors to use when you are cooking? For which dishes?

What do you think is the best color for a sofa? What color is your furniture?

What things would be difficult to do if you could only see in black and white?

What color hair do you find most attractive? Would you like to dye your hair?

Do you know how to mix colors? What colours do you need to mix to make green?

What for you is the color of happiness? Is there a color that makes you feel sad?

Where could you go in your city tomorrow if you wanted to see a lot of colors?

Do men and women prefer different colors in your culture? Can you give examples?

What colors indicate danger? What dangerous animals have these colors?

What color eyes would you like to have? Would you wear colored contact lenses?

How do the colors of the world around you change during different seasons?

Do you prefer the color gold or silver? What do you own that are these colors?

If you had to paint your home in 3 different colors, what would you choose?

What colors do your parents like most? What is your best friend’s favorite color?

What color flowers grow at or near your home? What are the flowers called?

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Further activities

Before starting the colors conversation questions you can play a game of “I spy” for a warm-up. To do this, students pick something of a certain color that they can see in the classroom. The other students must ask questions to deduce and find out what the object is.

Younger students may also enjoy one of the many coloring pages here at ESL Vault. There are coloring sheets of varying difficulty for all ages that can be used as fun follow-up activities.

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