coffee conversation questions for English

25 coffee conversation questions

Coffee conversation questions for ESL

Besides water, coffee is said to be the most popular drink in the world. These 25 coffee discussion questions and picture description activities are perfect for older students.

Key vocabulary that you may introduce before doing this speaking exercise with ESL learners includes – produce, chain store, instant, brew (noun), decaffeinated, premade, and brand.


The coffee conversation questions are –


1 – What do you usually drink coffee out of?

2 – Do you often drink coffee with friends? Where do you go?

3 – How do you like to drink your coffee? How many cups a day do you drink?

4 – Which countries produce coffee? Which do you think has the best coffee?

5 – What do you think of big coffee chains like Starbucks and Highlands?

6 – Do you think that coffee is good or bad for your health?

7 – Do you ever drink instant coffee? If so, which brand do you drink?

8 – How do you feel if you drink too much or very strong coffee?

9 – Are some kinds of coffee more expensive than others?

10 – How many different kinds of coffee can you think of?

11 – Do you know of any strange brews of coffee?

12 – Would you ever drink coffee with lemon or salt?

13 – How does the smell of coffee make you feel?

14 – Do you always start your day with a coffee? Do you ever drink it in the evening?

15 – How much does a cup of coffee cost in your home country?

16 – Does your home have a coffee machine? Would you like to buy one?

17 – Have you ever tried decaffeinated coffee? What did you think of it?

18 – Is there a kind of coffee that you can’t stand drinking?

19 – Do you like premade coffee that is sold in bottles or cans?

20 – How old were you when you had your first cup of coffee?

21 – Do you think it is okay for children to drink coffee?

22 – What is the most you’ve ever paid for a coffee? Was it worth it?

23 – Have you seen or been to a coffee farm? Where was it?

24 – Which do you prefer, hot coffee, or iced coffee??

25 – What is the difference between an espresso and a cappuccino?

coffee beans and cup of coffee
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