tongue twisters with h

25 Tongue twisters with H

Tongue twisters with H

Here we have a collection of fun letter H tongue twisters to test your ability of articulation. In the English language classroom, these are great as warmer and cooler activities that bring a lot of laughter to your students. Ask learners to read them several times over as fast as they can without making any mistakes. It can be quite challenging!

These silly sentences all use words where the /H/ sound is pronounced, no silent H words have been included. The only exception is the word herb which can have a silent H in North America.


The tongue twisters with H are –


1 – A hawk from Honduras hauled a hare to Haiti.

2 – A hole in a heater is a hazardous hamster habitat.

3 – Hold the hog hocks for him as he halves the ham.

4 – How in heavens did he hook a huge haddock at Hazel Harbor?

5 – Healthy hippo hiccups, healthy hippo hiccups, healthy hippo hiccups.

6 – Hairy Harry hid his heavy hammer under a hill of honey-colored hay.

7 – To hoot and to toot a Hottentot tot was taught by a Hottentot tutor, should the tutor get hot if the Hottentot tot hoots and toots at the Hottentot tutor.

8 – Does Harry Hunt hunt heavy hairy hares? How does Harry Hunt hunt heavy hairy hares? If Harry Hunt hunts heavy hairy hares, where are the heavy hairy hares Harry Hunt hunts?

9 – How hollow Helen Hull hobbles on hills!

10 – Harry the hungry, hungry hippo is happily eating ham in his house.

11 – He has done his whole homework at home by himself.

12 – How many hamburgers could a hungry hamster have if a hungry hamster could have hamburgers?

13 – He heard a horn honk on a Hungarian highway.

14 – Hugo Harper hid a heavy harp in a Hong Kong hotel hall.

15 – A hungry hunter went hunting hyenas with hounds but huge horrible howls drove him home to his hut.

16 – How do hornets hover and hang halfway in hot air?

17 – A happy hidden hermit on a hill hates hearing “hello” from humans on holiday.

18 – The hare’s ear heard ere the hare heeded.

19 – Her whole right hand really hurts.

20 – Harry hated to hurry Helen ahead.

21 – Her husband helped her hook some herring, herring is what he helped her hook.

22 – Hank’s historical honey harvest hauled heaps of honey for the hilltop hamlet.

23 – One hundred humble hockey players held a happy holy holiday.

24 – His hobby is hanging in hammocks. He happily hangs in hammocks. If he hadn’t a hammock to hang in, he’d holler and howl like hell then hang his head, until he had a hanging hammock to hang in.

25 – Herds of harnessed horses have a habit of hurdling high hedges.

Further activities

There are tons more tongue twisters here at ESL Vault, all organized into pages with their target letter. Simply use the search bar at the top of the page to find what you need!

A great extra activity is to create your own tongue twisters. You can use a dictionary to help you with this and there is also a page of initial H words that can come in handy.

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