25 questions about roads

25 Fun questions about roads

Conversation questions about roads

Roads are all around us, crisscrossing the globe. They are an essential part of a functioning society and have been built for thousands of years. This free PDF and discussion questions about roads are just what you need for an interesting conversation on the topic.

For English language learners, the most difficult terms in this speaking activity include – vehicle, human civilization, blocked, accident, scenic, steep, local, government, impassable, certain, bogged, broken down, stuck, materials, and required.

The questions about roads are –

1 – How much time do you spend on roads each week? What kinds of transport or vehicles do you mostly use?

2 – What are the roads like in your country? Does your country need more roads?

3 – Why are roads so important to human civilization? What things are they used for?

4 – What would happen if the roads to your hometown were blocked for 6 months?

5 – Are there any roads in your town or city that are well-known for having accidents?

6 – What is the worst road that you have ever traveled on? Why was it so bad?

7 – Have you ever gone a long way down a road and had to turn back? What happened?

8 – What would you say is the most scenic road to drive on in your country?

9 – Are the roads in your country better or worse than neighboring countries?

10- What is the steepest road that you have been on? What mountain does it go up?

11- How could roads be improved in your local area? What is the biggest problem?

12- What is the most dangerous time of year to be on the road where you live? Why?

13- Does your government spend much money on road building? What’s being built now?

14- What is the longest road that you know of? How long is this road?

15- Are there some roads that are impassable in certain seasons where you live? Why?

16- If you could build a road anywhere you wanted, where would you build it and why?

17- What kinds of animals get hit by vehicles on roads in your country?

18- Have you ever been bogged, broken down, or stuck on a road? What did you do?

19- Are there any road rules that you disagree with? What are they and why?

20- What are some things that are added to roads to make them safer to travel on?

21- Have you ever felt scared on a road? Where was it and why were you afraid?

22- What materials are required and what needs to be done to make a good quality road?

23- Are there any places in your country where roads are not allowed to be built?

24- What are some common things that roads are named after in your country?

25- What is the most enjoyable road that you have been on? Why is it a lot of fun?


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a beautiful coastal road

Road expressions

Try introducing these related road expressions to keep the conversation going once you have completed the questions about roads.

To hit the road means to get going, leave, or begin traveling on a journey you have planned.

If you kick the can down the road, you avoid or postpone dealing with something (usually a problem) until a later date.

Road trains are trucks in Australia that pull 2 or more trailers that transport large amounts of goods

Road apple is a slang term for a mound or lump of horse manure found on a road.

To look down the road can mean to think about the future and what you need to do for it to turn out the way you want.

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