25 trust conversation questions

25 trust conversation questions

Trust conversation questions

Like it or not trust is an important part of our lives. It can cause both good things in life and also have its pitfalls. These trust conversation questions are a great speaking topic for upper-intermediate and above level speakers.

The most difficult terms in this discussion activity include – trustworthy, help out, let down, pros and cons, benefits, organisation, body language, team building, treat, mind, and decide.

The trust conversation questions are –

Do you find it easy to trust people? How can you know if someone is trustworthy?

Besides family, is there anyone that you would trust with your bank card?

Who do you think that you can trust to help you out when life is difficult?

Are there any animals that you don’t trust? Why don’t you trust them?

Is it easier for you to trust men or women? Why do you think that is?

What are some ways that people can build trust with each other?

Have you ever been let down by someone that you trusted? What happened?

What are the pros and cons of trusting people? What benefits and dangers are there?

Could you ever be friends with somebody you didn’t trust? Explain why or why not.

How do you interact differently with people you trust and people you don’t believe in?

Do you think you would ever be able to trust a person who lied to you?

What kinds of questions would you ask a stranger so that you could trust them?

What would the world be like if nobody trusted one another?

Are there any organisations or companies that you don’t trust? Why not?

Do you trust social media companies to keep your information private?

What is something that you trust will happen in the future? Why are you so sure?

Do you trust everything you hear and see on the news? How can you know the truth?

Would you ever trust someone who had been to jail? Can people change over time?

Are there any kinds of body language that you believe show that a person is lying?

Where do you think would be a good place to meet trustworthy people? Why?

Have you ever taken part in any team building activities? What did you do?

How would you treat a friend if they broke your trust?

Would you be okay to let a stranger mind your house? How about watching your pet?

How do you decide to trust that food in a restaurant is clean and safe to eat?

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Trust idioms and expressions

Here are a few fun English expressions about trust to share with your class once it has completed the trust conversation questions.

If a person says “you can take that to the bank” after a statement, they are saying that it is a certain thing and you can trust the information.

Something that is the gospel truth is to be trusted beyond all doubt.

When somebody says that they would not trust someone else as far as they could throw them, they are saying they do not trust them at all.

A brain trust is a group of qualified people that give advice to a person of power or importance.

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