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16 free printable pizza toppings PDF pages

Printable pizza toppings

Mmmmm Pizza, most people like pizza and just about all children do. Use these free printables to teach kids about food with a fun craft activity. The printable pizza toppings and base come in both color, and black and white if you want to include a coloring exercise to help hone their fine motor skills.

This craft activity is as easy as pie, simply print out a pizza base along with the toppings you require, get students to cut out the foods they like and stick them to their pizzas. This is best done with craft glue but you can get by with clear sticky tape if that is all you have on hand.

There are several ways you can use this not only as a bit of fun but also as a language learning exercise. Read below for some wonderful ideas!

The pages include these toppings –

Sheet 1 – Pineapple, salami, basil, tomato, melted cheese, and bell pepper/capsicum.

Sheet 2 – Bacon, mushrooms, shrimp/prawns, 2 kinds of fish and eggs.

Sheet 3 – Zucchini, olives, meat/ham, chilli, cheese and sausage.

If you feel the pages are missing an ingredient, just get your class to draw what they need on a separate piece of paper. They can then color it, cut it out and stick their new ingredient to the pizza base!

How to use the printable pizza toppings

This craft project is perfect for teaching younger learners about food. Besides just cutting and pasting to make pizzas, here are a few other things you can do in this activity.

  • Ask students to write the names of each topping on the pages before they cut them out. This will help reinforce any new words and practise spelling.
  • Give students recipes to follow. Students can follow a list of ingredients to make different kinds of pizzas. You can also make half and half pizzas to make this more challenging.
  • Get your class to design their own unique pizzas. Afterwards, they can name it and write down the ingredients on them.
  • Let children design their own new toppings that they can use. This is great to make fun, silly pizzas for a bit of laughter.
  • Have a class competition to see who can make the most beautiful, delicious, or disgusting pizza.
  • Make faces in the pizzas using the toppings, this is a heap of fun and can also be used to teach the body parts of the head. Later your students can describe them. For example, it may have eggs for eyes, cheese for a nose, fish for ears and shrimp for hair.

Printable pizza toppings in black and white

Below are the same printables but without color. These are perfect if you also want to make this pizza craft a coloring exercise.

For younger learners, you may need to explain what some of the pictures represent and also give them guidance on which colors to use.

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