25 pollution conversation questions

25 pollution conversation questions

Pollution conversation questions

Here are some discussion questions about the major modern problem of pollution. It is something that everyone should be aware of and hopefully concerned about as well.

Difficult words that you may need to go over before starting this speaking activity include – waterway, reduce, litter, alternative, sewerage, tap, local, smog, carbon footprint, and energy.


The pollution conversation questions are –


1 – What kind of pollution in your neighborhood concerns you the most?

2 – How many different kinds of pollution can you think of?

3 – Is there much pollution where you live? Does it bother you?

4 – Where is the most polluted place you have ever been to?

5 – Are the rivers and waterways where you live clean enough to swim in?

6 – Do you worry that your vegetables and seafood come from clean environments?

7 – What are some simple things you can do to help reduce pollution?

8 – Which countries do you think have a lot of pollution? Why are they so polluted?

9 – Are there any fines for littering in your country? What are they?

10 – What things do you usually recycle in your household?

11 – Which industries do you think cause the most pollution?

12 – Have you ever taken part in an environmental cleanup activity?

13 – Do you accept plastic bags with everything you buy? What is an alternative?

14 – If you could change 1 thing about the world to reduce pollution, what would it be?

15 – Do you know where all your sewerage and trash/ rubbish goes after it leaves your home?

16 – Can you drink the tap water where you live? Where does it come from?

17 – What do you think of noise pollution? Is it a problem in your neighborhood?

18 – How do you think your local environment will change in the next 50 years?

19 – What are the main causes of air pollution in your country? Do you have smog?

20 – Do you think electric cars are a good idea? Where does their power come from?

21 – In what ways does pollution affect animals? Can you give an example?

22 – Do you ever think about your carbon footprint? How do you feel about it?

23 – How could you change your house to use less energy and to be more green?

24 – What could your local town or city do to reduce pollution?

25 – Would you ever move to a heavily polluted city? Why or why not?

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