v tongue twisters

33 funny letter V tongue twisters

V tongue twisters

Here are some more fun tongue twisters for English pronunciation practice. The free printable PDF above contains 22 while the entire list currently has 33 of these interesting sentences. See if you can say them several times in a row without making any mistakes. The faster you try to do this the more challenging they are!

The letter V tongue twisters are –


1 – Seventy-seven benevolent elephants.

2 – Vandalized valley villas with views.

3 – What veteran ventriloquist whistles?

4 – Avoid caves with volcanic vent vapor.

5 – Vincent vowed vengeance very vehemently.

6 – Vlad and Victor videoed various volatile volcanoes.

7 – Vacant vehicles vanished in Venezuela.

8 – Vegan Vietnam vets.

9 – Virtuous volunteers value aloe vera.

10 – Vanilla vindaloo vitamins vaporized forever.

11 – A version of the vision was visible to the vicar.

12 – Five vicious vultures vanished over a vineyard.

13 – Vermont Vermouth, Vermont Vermouth, Vermont Vermouth.

14 – The view over Dover isn’t overly vivid.

15 – Vampires avoid silver vats of vinegar.

16 – An illusory vision is a visionary illusion.

17 – Vivian viewed vast vertical Venezuelan vistas.

18 – Vicky invents very vivid vests.

a volcano erupting at night

V tongue twisters continued

19 – Very rare vagrant wader.

20 – Driving versatile vehicles moving valued vegetables.

21 – The lives of Maldives beehives are valued by volunteers in Virginia.

22 – Have you ever had a violent fever?

23 – Valerie vaccinates various viruses.

24 – Vidal had a voyage voucher and verified his visa.

25 – Very well, very well, very well.

26 – Can you vacuum vegan vomit in a reversing vehicle overtaking naval vans?

27 – Five massive ivy vines moved over a river.

28 – Verified vials of viper venom are volatile and heavy. Removing vast volumes of viper venom is vital for veteran veterinarians.

29 – Violent vulgar village villains vandalized the vista.

30 – Valves of vuvuzelas vibrating in the Vatican.

31 – Vince is versed in violin, and Vicky loves Vlad’s voice.

32 – Vacuum-sealed vaults of varnish never ever travel.

33 – Velvet Revolver, Velvet Revolver, Velvet Revolver.

Related activities

If you are looking for more resources to practice the letter V sound, check out the F and V minimal pairs which have printable picture cards and a pronunciation guide.

There is also the B and V minimal pairs page that has flashcards, a word list, and practice sentences.

For another extra activity ask your students to see if they can create their own. You can give them word lists or let them use dictionaries to make this easier. Creating tongue twisters is always entertaining and your class will love it!

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