25 change conversation questions

25 change conversation questions

Change conversation questions

For most people change is constantly happening in the world around them. Change can be either good or bad, as well as easy or difficult for some folks to deal with. You can use these change conversation questions to find out how people feel about change, the changes they have experienced, and what the will expect to change in the future.

The most challenging terms that you may need to go over before starting this discussion activity include – appearance, personality, afraid, do for a living, lottery, criminal, deal with, decade, major, and habits.


The change conversation questions are –


How do you feel about change? Are you a person who enjoys often changes in life?

What are 3 things that you would like to change about your life right now?

Do you like to change your appearance? What have you done to look different?

How has your life changed over the last 5 years? Are these changes good or bad?

Do you think that people can change their personalities? How can they do this?

What are some good and bad changes that are happening in the world today?

In what ways do you think that you will change as you get older?

Do you often make changes to your home? How and why do you change it?

Are any of your friends or family afraid of change? Why do you think they are?

Would you like to change your job? What would you most like to do for a living?

How would your life change if you won the lottery and had a lot of money?

Is there anything you would like to change about nature? What and why?

What are some things people can change to bring more success into their lives?

How do you think the world will have changed 50 years in the future from now?

Do you think that criminals can change for the better after spending time in jail?

Have you had something change that was difficult to deal with? What was it?

How has your country changed in the last decade? Do you like the changes?

What is something that you hope never changes? Do you think that it will change?

How often do you change your mobile phone, computer, television, and transport?

Have you ever changed your diet? What did you eat before and why did you stop?

What are some animals that are able to change their colors? Why do they do this?

Do you think that major changes are easier for younger people or older people?

Who is a person you would like to help change? How can you help them?

Do you have any bad habits that you’d like to change? Will it be easy to change?

image about the concept of change

Change idioms

Here are some interesting change idioms you can discuss with your class once you have finished the change conversation questions. See if your students can create some good example sentences using them.

The idiom “a leopard cannot change its spots” is used to describe a bad person who cannot change their ways to be good.

When a person has a change of heart, they change the way they feel about something. Similarly, if you change your tune, you feel differently about something or someone and express it through speech.

When someone chops and changes, they constantly alter their plans, frequently when it is not essential. Their continual changes also confuse and annoy other people.

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