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10 free word wheel puzzle printables

Free word wheel puzzle printables

These word-forming activities are great to help your students expand their vocabulary. Students find the race against time to make words quite exciting and you will find some students come up with some interesting answers that may, or may not be English words.

If you are not sure how to use the printable puzzles read the instructions below. The nine-letter solutions and other longer words have been included at the bottom of the page.

How to play word wheel puzzles

The goal of word wheel puzzles is to make as many words as possible with the given letters. The letter in the centre circle must be used in each word. There is also at least one word that uses all 9 letters to find. The activity should have a time limit, 5 to 10 minutes is optimal for ESL students.

Other rules include no pronouns or plurals, although you should set the rules as to what is best for your class. For classes with very weak vocabulary, you can even ditch the rule that the centre letter must be used.

Scoring can be done by 1 point for each word, or 1 point for each letter in each word.

This activity works well as pair work or even groups of 3 or 4 students. Explain the rules then let them at it, after the assigned time get them to tally up their points and find which team is the winner! Note that it is best to get different pairs or teams to check other students’ answers. If they have any queries about meanings or spelling they should ask the teacher.

The free printable word wheel puzzle solutions

Here are the 9 letter words for each puzzle and also some other suggested answers –

Puzzle 1 – SPACEWALK, palaces, awakes, palaces, places.

Puzzle 2 – MAGAZINES, magnesia, amnesia, enigma, gamines, manages, seaming.

Puzzle 3 – MEGAPIXEL, example, exempla, mileage, impale, magpie, mealie, pelage.

Puzzle 4 – QUICKSAND, acinus, quacks, unsaid.

Puzzle 5 – EDUCATION, AUCTIONED, CAUTIONED, catenoid, uncoated, aconite, auction, audient, caution.

Puzzle 6 – BEAUTIFUL, fauteuil, fibulae, albiet, albite, fetial, futile, tubule.

Puzzle 7 – VEGETABLE, elevate, legatee, vegeta, beagle, beetle, eaglet.

Puzzle 8 – HAMBURGER, burgher, hamburg, umbrage, arguer, armune, bregma, murage.

Puzzle 9 – SPAGHETTI, atheist, patties, pettish, ageist, tithes, spathe, pietas.

Puzzle 10 – SUNFLOWER, fleuron, flowers, ourself, ensoul, slower, reflow, loners, lowers.

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