diving conversation questions for ESL

25 diving conversation questions

Diving conversation questions

A free discussion activity about diving and scuba diving. There are also some diving vocabulary worksheets to complement this speaking exercise.

Before starting this worksheet make sure your class is familiar with these terms – scuba, sunken, conditions, documentary, react, face to face, Moray eel, gather, protected, tools, shipwreck, and pose.


The diving conversation questions are –


1 – Imagine you are scuba diving. What things can you see?

2 – Have you ever been scuba diving? Would you like to try it?

3 – What things do you want to see up close underwater?

4 – How deep would you like to dive? How deep is too deep?

5 – What equipment do you need to go scuba diving?

6 – Where do you think is the best place in the world to go diving?

7 – What things would you be afraid of when diving in the ocean?

8 – Are there any sea animals that you wouldn’t touch underwater?

9 – What would you do if you found a sunken treasure when diving?

10 – Is diving an expensive hobby in your country?

11 – Where would you go to study scuba diving?

12 – How long do you think it takes to learn scuba diving? Would you ever dive alone?

13 – What do you think are the best conditions and weather for diving?

14 – Do you like to watch underwater documentaries? What interests you most?

15 – Do you think diving is a dangerous activity? Why do you think so?

16 – How would you react if you came face to face with a shark or a Moray eel?

17 – Which country’s coast do you think has the most history underwater?

18 – How is free diving different from scuba diving?

19 – Do you know the names of any underwater plants? What do they look like?

20 – What kinds of food can people gather when they scuba dive?

21 – Does your country have any protected marine areas?

22 – Who would you most like to go diving with?

23 – What are the most useful tools to take scuba diving?

24 – Which do you think would be most interesting to dive at, a shipwreck or a reef?

25 – How would you pose if you had your photo taken while diving underwater?

A man scuba diving with a loggerhead turtle
Diving idioms

If you dive in to something you start it immediately with no sense of caution. This can also be said as dive in with both feet.

If a place is a dive, it is very messy, dirty, and in disrepair. A person might say “That restaurant is a dive” or “His apartment is a dive” about places they do not want to go to.

When you duck and dive you avoid problems and things in your way by using your intelligence and being resourceful.


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