brain conversation questions

25 brain conversation questions

Brain conversation questions

Difficult words and phrases to go over with your class before starting this discussion activity include – functions, decisions, warm-blooded, implant, highly intelligent, improve, memory, forgetful, hurt, brain freeze, overthink, affect, and challenge (verb).

The three pictures at the start of the worksheet represent brainstorm, A slow brain at the start of the week, and thinking with your heart or your brain.

Some facts about the human brain for the teacher’s reference are – The average human brain weighs 1.35 kg or 3 pounds. The human brain is mostly grey but with a pink outside. Animals with large brains include sperm whales, orcas, elephants, and dolphins. It is also important to note that in nature, brain size does not reflect intelligence.

The brain conversation questions are –

What colour do you think your brain is?

What does the brain do? What functions does it have for the body?

Do you usually make decisions with your brain or with your heart?

What foods are good for your brain?

What kinds of things are bad for your brain?

Would you ever eat the brain of an animal? Which animal brain would you eat?

How much do you think your brain weighs?

Which warm-blooded animals have very small brains?

What animals do you think are highly intelligent?

Do you think you can train your brain to be better at things? How can it be done?

If you could get a brain implant to make you smarter, would you do it?

Do people in different counties think differently? Can you give an example?

What does your brain spend the most time thinking about?

Which part of your brain would you most like to improve?

What things can you do to relax your brain?

Do you have a good memory or are you forgetful?

Which person in your family would you say has the most brains?

What things make your brain hurt? Have you ever had a brain freeze?

When you have problems do you overthink things or try not to think about them?

Do you think men’s and women’s brains work differently? In what ways?

Is there anything you wish you could stop your brain from doing?

How do you think sleep affects the brain?

What does your brain do when you sleep?

Do you do any activities that challenge your brain? What are they?

A picture of the human brain
Brain idioms

There are quite a few interesting brain-related phrases and expressions in the English language. Share a few of these with your students, they will get a laugh for sure!

A person who has a bird brain, or birdbrains is stupid or unintelligent.

If you brain someone, you strike them so hard as to knock their brains out of their head.

A no brainer is a very easy or obvious thing to do.

If you rack your brains, you try to think as hard as you can.

The brainchild is the person who thought of or started a successful idea.

light bulbs with brains inside them
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