ESL world landmarks worksheet

Printable ESL world landmarks worksheets

World landmark worksheets with pictures

Free printables of famous landmarks with pictures. These world landmarks worksheets are great for classes on countries, nationalities, and geography. Other than using them as simple match the picture with the vocabulary activities, they can be used to teach cities, countries, and nationalities.

The answers for the first worksheet above with their country are –

1 Himeji Castle (Japan), 2 Stonehenge (England), 3 The Colosseum (Italy), 4 Golden Gate Bridge (USA)

5 St Basil’s Cathedral (Russia), 6 Opera House (Australia), 7 Taj Mahal (India), 8 Sphinx (Egypt)

9 Notre Dame (France), 10 The Parthenon (Greece), 11 The Great Wall (China), 12 Moai Statues (Easter Island)

13 Capitol Building (USA), 14 Chichen Itza (Mexico) 15 Eiffel Tower (France), 16 The Eye (England)


famous world landmarks worksheet printable
World landmarks worksheet 2

On this handout, there are 16 new famous world landmarks that are completely different from the previous worksheet. It is quite difficult but great for more advanced learners or as a research activity for intermediate-level students.

The answers with their included countries are –

1 Machu Picchu (Peru), 2 Buckingham Palace (England), 3 Tower Bridge (England), 4 The Kremlin (Russia)

5 Borobudur (Indonesia), 6 Mt Rushmore (USA), 7 Bran Castle (Romania), 8 Acropolis (Greece)

9 Moulin Rouge (France), 10 Christ the Redeemer (Brazil), 11 Petronas Towers (Malaysia), 12 Potala Palace (Tibet)

13 Arc De Triomphe (France), 14 Forbidden City (China), 15 The Shard (England), 16 Kinderdijk Windmills (Netherlands)

famous world landmarks printable
Famous landmarks and countries worksheet

This is the easiest of the landmark worksheets and only has 12 of the World’s most famous structures. In this exercise, students are to match the 10 landmarks with their countries and add their nationality. For advanced students, you can get them to name the landmarks and the cities or areas they are in. Well as many as they can because a couple are quite difficult!

Here are the answers from left to right –

  1. Egypt – Egyptian – The Sphinx – Giza
  2. England – English – Big Ben – London
  3. Japan – Japanese – Kiyomizu-Dera – Kyoto
  4. China – Chinese – The Great Wall – Northern China
  5. India – Indian – The Taj Mahal – Agra
  6. Greece – Greek – The Parthenon – Athens
  7. America – American – The Statue of Liberty – New York
  8. Italy – Italian – The Tower of Pisa – Pisa
  9. France – French – The Eiffel Tower – Paris
  10. Brazil – Brazilian – Cristo Redentor – Rio De Janeiro


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