ESL weather vocabulary matching worksheet

Weather vocabulary matching worksheets

Weather vocabulary matching worksheets

These free handouts have basic weather words for beginners and more advanced meteorological terms for higher-level learners. They are great for reinforcing new weather vocabulary and can be used well as warm up or cooler activities.

The first worksheet above has 16 weather terms, the answers from left to right are as follows – rainy, hot, flooding, stormy, sunrise, showers, cloudy, sunny, lightning, rainbow, cold, sunset, cloud, partly cloudy, snowy, and windy.

Weather vocabulary matching 2

This worksheet is more difficult than the first one. More than half of the vocabulary is different so you could use both sheets in one class or perhaps just project one and get students to identify each picture verbally.

The answers from left to rights going down the page are – stormy, partly cloudy, snowflake, rainy, windy, foggy, tornado, cloudy, rainbow, showers, scattered storms, eclipse, snowy, overnight storms, sunny, and moon.

Climate and weather worksheet

This weather worksheet has seasons has some more advanced weather vocabulary.

The answers to this worksheet are –

1 Flood, 2 Wind Direction, 3 Spring, 4 Global Warming, 5 Tornado, 6 UV Index, 7 Snowy, 8 winter, 9 Thunderstorm, 10 Weather Reporter, 11 Celcius, 12 Fall/Autumn, 13 Drought, 14 Weather station, 15 Water Cycle, 16 Rainbow, 17 Summer, 18 Humidity, 19 Fahrenheit, and 20 Visibilty.


Weather Worksheet 4

This is the most challenging handout and contains moon cycles and other higher-level weather terms.

The answers for this printable should be –

1 – Hurricane, 2 Meteorologist, 3 Sunshower, 4 Storm Chasing, 5 Sattelite, 6 Dust Storm, 7 Typhoon, 8 Wind Speed, 9 Black Ice, 10 Half Moon, 11 Blizzard, 12 Crescent Moon, 13 Sleet, 14 Partly Cloudy, 15 Snow Storm, 16 Full Moon, 17 Foggy, 18 Tide, 19 Hail, and 20 Eclipse.


Further ESL weather activities

A fun weather activity is the weather pair work exercise which is great to get students speaking. For ESL discussion classes check out the weather conversation questions handout.

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