2 syllable words that rhyme cards 1

2 syllable words that rhyme picture cards

2 syllable words that rhyme picture cards

Here are 5 free printable sheets of two-syllable rhyming pairs. There are 12 pairs on each sheet for a total of 60 picture cards. Besides being a heap of fun, using the rhyming word cards helps your students with correct vowel sounds. Teaching words through rhyme has also been shown to be an effective technique for the memory of pronunciation and language learning development.

Once you have printed one or more sheets, cut them out and use them for English pronunciation games and activities. The main idea is to get students to match the picture pairs that have rhyming sounds. For further ideas see the one-syllable pairs of rhyming words with pictures page,

It is best to use at least 2 of these worksheets to make sure the activity lasts more than a couple of minutes. You could use them all but some of these rhyming pairs really are quite difficult. Only more advanced learners won’t require help.

There are several ways to help your students complete matching the cards.  You can pre-teach any words they are familiar with and then let the class try to join the words. You can simply let them ask you what each word they don’t know is and how it is pronounced. You could let your class use dictionaries, or finally, you could write the words on the board (unmatched as pairs of course).

The matching two-syllable words in the first worksheet above are as follows – Mittens and Kittens, Yo-Yo and Window, Lizard and Wizard, Honey and Money, Carrot and Parrot, Donut/Doughnut and Haircut.

The two-syllable rhyming pairs on these worksheets are –

Shower and Flower

Letter and Sweater

Armour/Armor and Farmer

Sandal and Candle

Feather and Weather


The rhyming picture cards to be matched together on this printable represent the words –

Mountain and Fountain

Wagon and Dragon

Viking and Hiking

Owl and Towel

Yogurt/Yoghurt and T-shirt

Jacket and Racket/Racquet

Note that while some nationalities pronounce owl and towel as one syllable, it is also acceptable to use two.



Handout number four has the 2 syllable rhyming pairs of –

Winter and Printer

Marry and Carry

Measure and Treasure

Ticket and Cricket

Earthquake and Cupcake

Waiter and Skater

The 2 syllable words that rhyme on printable worksheet 5 are –

Daughter and Water

Rocker and Soccer

Shepherd and Leopard

Beaver and Cleaver

Aeroplane/Airplane and Champagne

Sweeping and Sleeping

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