free printable bracelets african animals

32 free printable bracelets

Free printable bracelets for kids

Here is another easy and enjoyable craft activity for children. Kids love these paper wristbands and they are super simple to make! The free printable bracelets come in many different themes so there should be something here to satisfy everyone.

So far there are printable bracelets of African animals, animal faces, dinosaurs, flower patterns, scary Halloween things, ocean animals, pirate-themed bracelets, and woodland animals. If they prove to be popular, some more different worksheets will be added in the future.

They are awesome activities to complement the topic you are studying and other times just plain old fun anyway! You can even use them as rewards in your classes for good behaviour or performance.

How to make the printable bracelets

You won’t need much to make the craft bracelets once you have printed your worksheets out. Pencils or crayons, scissors and sticky tape are enough to get the job done!

Step 1 is to add colour to the bracelets, colour in the objects on the wristbands. They turn out a lot nicer if you add some colour to the bands themselves as well.

Step 2 is to cut the bracelets out. Just get your kids to cut around the periphery, as close to the lines as best they can. Don’t worry if there are any heavy-handed scissor mistakes, with a bit of sticky tape, anything can be fixed!

Step 3 is to join the ends of the bracelet wristbands with sticky tape (a stapler also works well). This is generally done when children are wearing them. Although if their hands are very small you can join them beforehand. You could also lengthen the wristbands and make them larger as to be taken on and off. Bear in mind though, they won’t last forever.

Step 4 Enjoy!

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