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30 pairs of rhyming words with pictures

30 pairs of rhyming words with pictures cards

Here we have 30 pairs (60 picture cards in all) of words that rhyme for pronunciation classes. These free printable pairs of rhyming words are perfect for pronunciation classes. Although they were originally designed for kids they actually also work great in adults ESL speaking lessons also! Note that these are all one-syllable rhyming words.

Depending on the level of your students you can choose to give your class one or two sheets or even the whole set to solve for one big super rhyming pairs activity!

The rhyming cards pairs for sheet one above are –

Car and Star, Bag and Flag, Two and Shoe, Snake and Cake, Fan and Van, Frog and Dog.

How to use the rhyming pairs worksheets

The main idea is to cut the out along the dotted lines to create rhyming picture cards. You then give the cards to your students to match. This works well as pair work or a group activity if you use 3 or more of the handouts. Each sheet has its own pair so you can print whichever ones you think are suitable for your class.

The pairs are mixed on the printouts. This is for younger learners who you can give 1 sheet at a time to colour in. First ask them to identify a pair of rhyming words, then get them to colour in the two words with the same coloured pencil or crayon. For example house and mouse may be blue, fox and box can be orange, and door and for can be green.

Note that they should color the square around the picture, not the picture itself. For this activity the cards don’t need to be cut out.

The rhyming pairs in sheet number two are –

House and Mouse

Rain and Train

Ring and King

Door and Four

Fox and Box

Bat and Cat

On sheet three the rhyming pictures are –

Sun and One

Feet and Meat

Spoon and Moon

Kite and Light

Bear and Chair

Dish and Fish

On rhyming pairs worksheet four the pictures to be grouped together are –

Ship and Zip

Cap and Map

Hen and Pen

Bee and Key

Book and Hook

Boat and Goat

Rhyming pairs handout 5 has the sets of –

Mice and Dice

Eye and Pie

Cave and Wave

Duck and Truck

Corn and Horn

Shirt and Skirt

Further activities for the rhyming picture pair cards

With several sheets printed and cut out older students can use them as a game of “snap” in groups of three or four. Simply divide the cards equally between each person in each group and going around in a circle get them to lay down 1 card each at a time. If a rhyming pair matches they shout snap and quickly lay their hand on top of the pile to win the cards. The student with the most cards at the end of the game is the winner.

Another activity for younger students is to play “Odd one out”. Set out 3 cards with one card that doesn’t rhyme. Your students must choose the odd cards. You can lay out many sets of three and get each pupil to have a turn one at a time. Also, consider giving them points for correct answers.

You could also use the pairs of rhyming words to do an easy kids’ craft activity. For this, you only need scissors, glue, a blank sheet of paper, and a pen. Ask your students to cut out each picture and then stick the pairs next to each other on the piece of paper. Once they are finished they can write the words above each card.

Finally, there are some more similar resources here at ESL Vault such as the fun rhyming words for kids, and the free printable rhyming picture cards that also have words to help younger learners.

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