25 animal conversation questions for ESL

25 animal conversation questions

25 animal conversation questions

Difficult words you may need to introduce include – aquarium, wild, endangered, hunt, desert, national, ridden, and scare.

This activity is well complimented with one of the animal vocabulary worksheets or puzzles.

The animal conversation questions are-

Is there a zoo near you? What animals are kept there?

What is the biggest sea animal?

Have you ever been to an aquarium?

If you were an animal what animal would you be?

Are there any animals that scare you?

What would you do if there was a snake in your garden?

What are the most friendly animals?

What animals help people? How do they help?

What is the national animal of your country?

What is the biggest animal you have seen in the wild?

What small animals are there in your neighbourhood?

What do you think about hunting?

Are there any endangered animals in your country?

What animals have disappeared from your country?

What animals live in the desert?

What animals do you think are cute? Which are ugly?

Have you ever ridden an animal? What was it and where did you go?

What animals have you seen in the ocean?

What animals are known to attack people?

Have you seen any good movies about animals?

What animals have the best life?

Which country do you think has the most beautiful animals?

Have you ever been to a farm? What animals did you see there?

Do you know any people or have a friend that looks like an animal?

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