zoo conversation questions for ESL discussion

25 zoo conversation questions

Zoo conversation questions

This is an interesting discussion activity all about zoos. The difficult words to revise before discussing the questions are -cruel, feed, fed, cage, aquarium, nocturnal, enclosure, benefit, ridden, bathe, and perform.

The zoo conversation questions are –

Do you like visiting zoos? What animals do you like to look at most?

Is there a zoo near you? What is it like? What animals does it keep?

Do you think it is cruel to put animals in zoos? Why or why not?

Have you ever fed an animal at a zoo? What animal did you feed?

What do you think is the best thing to feed a giraffe? How about a crocodile?

How is a safari park different from a zoo? Have you ever been to one?

How would you go about cleaning a lion’s cage?

What water animals are kept in zoos?

Have you ever been to an aquarium? What was the biggest animal you saw?

Which zoo animals are mostly nocturnal and sleep during the day?

How often do you think elephants need a bath? Would you like to bathe one?

How big do you think a tiger enclosure should be? What should be in it?

In what ways can zoos benefit an animal species?

Have you ever ridden or petted an animal at a zoo? What animal was it?

Which countries do you think have the best zoos? How about the worst zoos?

Do you think any animals are happy in zoos? Which animals?

If you were a zookeeper and a gorilla stopped eating, what would you do?

What kinds of things are sold in zoo gift shops?

Are there any zoo animals you don’t like to see?

What do you think happens in zoos during the night?

What reasons would a zookeeper have to kill an animal?

What things would you want if you had to live the rest of your life in a zoo?

What do you think of animals performing in zoos and aquariums?

How do you think an animal ends up in a zoo?

a hippo in a zoo enclosure
Zoo and related idioms

If we call a place a zoo we are saying that it is very crowded or even chaotic in nature. We may use this expression to describe a busy place in a city such as a supermarket or anywhere else where large numbers of people gather together.

If you rattle someone’s cage you irritate and make them angry.

A person who lives in a gilded cage has lots of money, lives a life of luxury but is unhappy usually because they don’t have freedom or love.


children feeding giraffes at a zoo
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