ocean conversation questions

50 fun ocean conversation questions

The ocean conversation questions

50 questions for discussion about the sea and the ocean on 2 separate free worksheets. These are useful questions for IELTS preparation and general speaking classes.

Some of the difficult words on the first worksheet above are –  stung, face (a problem), seasick, journey, snorkelling, submarine, and jellyfish.


The ocean conversation questions are –


1 – What is your favorite ocean animal? What does it eat?

2 – What do you like most about the ocean?

3 – Have you ever been snorkeling or diving?

4 – Are you afraid of any animals in the ocean?

5 – How far can you swim? Who taught you to swim?

6- What is the difference between a sea and an ocean?

7 – Have you ever been stung by a jellyfish? How can you treat a sting?

8 – How close would you like to get to a whale?

9 – Have you ever taken a boat or ship journey? Where did you go?

10 – What kinds of sea animals do you think are friendly?

11 – What 3 words would you use to describe the ocean?

12 – What sports and hobbies can you do in the ocean?

13 – Do you like seafood? What do you think is the most delicious seafood?

14 – Have you ever been fishing in the ocean? What did you catch?

15 – What movies have you seen about the ocean?

16 – How is the ocean dangerous? What scares you most about the sea?

17 – Would you like to travel in a submarine? Why or why not?

18 – What environmental problems does the ocean face?

19 – Which ocean is closest to your country? Have you been there?

20 – Would you like to live next to the ocean or a mountain?

21 – What is the biggest fish you have ever seen? Where did you see it?

22 – Have you ever used an underwater camera? What pictures did you take?

23 – When do you think you will visit the ocean next? What will you do there?

24 – When you visit the ocean what things do you take?

25 – How do you feel when you see big waves?

ocean conversation questions 2
Ocean conversation questions worksheet 2

This second set of questions about the ocean is a little harder than the previous one. Challenging terms on this discussion worksheet include – poisonous, collect, tide, survive, harvest, energy, cage, concern, overfishing, ocean level, and shipwreck.


26 – What are the biggest, fastest, and most dangerous ocean animals?

27 – Which ocean animals are poisonous? Have you ever seen any of them?

28 – Have you ever collected seashells? Where did you do it?

29 – Would you like to live on a boat on the ocean? Why or Why not?

30 – What is the longest amount of time you have spent at sea?

31 – Where in the world do you think the ocean is the most beautiful?

32 – Why does the ocean tide come in and go out?

33 – How long do you think you could survive on a lifeboat at sea?

34 – In what areas of the world is the ocean the most dangerous?

35 – How can we harvest clean energy from the ocean?

36 – Would you like to try cage diving with sharks?

37 – Why do you think that the world’s oceans are becoming warmer?

38 – What issues affecting world ocean health concern you the most?

39 – How do internet cables on the ocean floor get broken?

40 – If all the water in the ocean disappeared, what things could you see?

41 – What is the strangest living thing in the ocean? How does it look?

42 – Why is overfishing a problem for the ocean? What can be done about it?

43 – If the world’s ocean levels rise, how will your country be affected?

44 – Would you rather be a dolphin or a whale? For what reasons?

45 – If you could talk to the ocean what would you ask it?

46 – How big was the biggest wave you have ever seen? Where was it?

47 – Why are there so many shipwrecks in the ocean? What caused them?

48 – Where is the cleanest and clearest ocean water you know of?

49 – If you could change one thing about the ocean, what would it be?

50 – Do you think that one-day people will live in the ocean? How could it be done?

a large ocean wave
Ocean idioms

If you keep something at bay, you stop it from harming you or causing negative effects.

A person who makes waves causes trouble in a situation that was perfectly fine beforehand.

A person who is confused or puzzled on how to do something can be said to be at sea or all at sea.

If you are trying to do something in secret, a person may say the coast is clear if nobody is watching.

You have a whale of a time if you really enjoy yourself at an occasion or doing something.

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