hunting conversation questions for ESL

25 hunting conversation questions

Hunting conversation questions

Hunting is a controversial topic that people feel strongly about either for or against. one way or another. Use these hunting conversation questions to get your class chatting.

There are some rather advanced terms on this free handout so you may want to go over these words before conducting the activity – pest, poaching, ivory, fur, horns, trophy, antlers, whale, hunting season, extinct, trap, cull, and cruel.

If your students are unsure you can explain to them that the picture represents eagle hunting in Mongolia. People there traditionally do this to hunt for fur animals such as rabbits, foxes, wolves, and even deer!


The discussion questions about hunting are –


1 – Do you think that you could be a good hunter? why or why not?

2 – What do people hunt for in your home country? How do they hunt?

3 – What is your opinion on hunting for sport? What animals shouldn’t be hunted?

4 – Where is a place where people hunt for food? What animals do they hunt?

5 – Do you think fishing is a form of hunting?

6 – Have you ever been hunting? What did you think about it?

7 – Would you like to go hunting? Where would you go and what would you hunt?

8 – Do you think it is okay to hunt pests? Which animals?

9 – Are there any poachers in your country? How can poaching be stopped?

10 – Does your home have any guns or hunting equipment?

11 – What do you think of the ivory trade? Do you own any fur products?

12 – Do you know anyone who owns hunting trophies or horns and antlers?

13 – What is your opinion on whale hunting? How is it done?

14 – How has hunting changed over the last 100 years?

15 – Is it okay for people who live in the jungle to hunt?

16 – Does your country have any hunting seasons?

17 – Which countries are famous for hunting?

18 – Besides animals, what other things do people hunt for?

19 – What animals are endangered in your home country?

20 – Which species have become extinct in your country? How about worldwide?

21 – Are any animals culled to manage their population in your country?

22 – What do you think of trapping? Do you think you could trap an animal? How?

23 – What animals are hunted in cold Arctic areas?

24 – Which hunting practices do you think are cruel?

25 – Do people ever net birds where you live? What kinds of birds?

a man hunting birds with a gun
Hunting related idioms

If you hunt high and low for something you search for it exhaustively and look completely everywhere. You might search high and low for your house keys or something you have lost.

If somone shoots their mouth off they talk too much about something to the point that it irritates others.

If something is a sitting duck it is defenseless, vulnerable, or very easy to target.

If you set your sights on something you really want it and set a goal to achieve it. You may set your sights on a new job or something you want to buy.

If you give something your best shot, you try your best. This may be for anythring from learning a language to trying to pass an exam.



hunting trophies and antlers
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