ocean animal finger puppets for kids

5 free animal finger puppet printables

Ocean animal finger puppets

These happy sea-themed animal finger puppets are a sure-fire winner for any children’s class. All you need are coloured pencils or crayons, scissors, and glue, sticky tape, or a stapler to assemble them.

Just colour them in, cut along the dotted line, fold them in half, and join the side edge. You might want to give the animals fun names like Sidney Squid, Charlie Crab, Peter Puffer, and Frank the Fish.

Once completed, they can be used for a range of speaking activities where students can speak through their puppets. Thay can also be used to sing along to children’s songs.

African animals

On this worksheet there are African animals. The puppets include a lion, zebra, elephant, giraffe, rhino and a hippopotamus

Farm animal finger puppets

This printable has 6 common farm animals in a chicken, pig, horse, sheep, cow and a goat.

These puppets are great to use with the song “Old Mac Donald had a farm”

Forest animals

Here are 6 more animals that live in the forest – a bear, deer, eagle, squirrel, beetle and a wolf.

Jungle animals

More animals that live in the jungle. A monkey, snake, tiger, frog, gorilla and a bear.

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