25 war conversation questions

25 war conversation questions

War conversation questions

Another free PDF discussion worksheet, this time it is war conversation questions. This topic is suited to adults and advanced ESL learners. It can be quite controversial and certainly, in some countries it won’t be a good topic to talk about. Be sure to use your judgement as to whether or not it is suitable for you to use.

Being an advanced topic, there are quite a few challenging words on the worksheet that you may need to go over before starting the discussion. These include – conscription, citizens, major, conflict, drone, launch, missile, nuclear, threaten, profit, war-torn, well-equipped, armed, forces, and monument.

The war conversation questions are –

What places in the world are at war right now? Why is there fighting there?

What are some of the main reasons that countries go to war?

If war came to your country, would you stand and fight or run away? Why?

How has war changed over the last 1000 years?

Do you think there is ever a good reason for war? Can you give examples?

Has your home country ever experienced war? When and what happened?

What is your opinion of conscription? Should a country’s citizens be forced to fight?

Where in the world do you think the next major conflict will be?

Do you worry about a world war? Where and how do you think it could start?

What do you think about the use of manless drones to launch missiles?

Does your home country have nuclear weapons? Do you think it should have them?

Which of your country’s neighbors is most threatening? Why do you think so?

In what ways do you think big companies can profit from war-torn places?

Have you ever been to an anti-war protest? Can you describe what happened there?

Were you taught about any wars at school? What wars did you learn about?

Do you think that your country is well-equipped to defend itself from attack?

Do you know anyone who has joined the army, navy or airforce? Why did they join?

If you had to join the armed forces, what kind of job would you like to do?

Are there any war monuments in your country? Why were they erected?

Do you know how to use a gun? Where did people learn to do this in your country?

What kind of roles do you think technology will play in future wars?

Do you believe that one day there will be world peace? How will it come about?

Are soldiers well-paid in your country? Why do people become soldiers?

Do you think it is important for countries to have armies? Why or why not?

a bomb exploding in a war zone

War idioms

Here are some interesting war idioms you can introduce once you have completed discussing the war conversation questions. See if your class can create senetences using them.

A person who has recently injured themself can be described as being in the wars.

A warhorse or an old warhorse is an older person who has a lot experience in something an can be depended on to help in that field.

Someone who is on the warpath is very angry and is looking to destroy or damage things, get revenge, or is looking for a fight.

A war of words is a verbal argument, often a very long one.

A warchest is a large amount of money set aside for a special purpose.

a sniper hiding in camouflage
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